A Writer’s Dream Things: The Coolest Gifts for Writers

These are the things we dream about having, or, at least I do. If you have a writer in your family bookmark this post so you know what to get him/her for the next occasion. Enjoy, and add your dream item to the comments below!

 Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

I needed this today! I’m always thinking of ideas in the shower and have to recite them over and over again until I’m out and can write them down. This solves everything. I can write my ideas in the shower!

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Chrome Finish

This is just cool. Maybe I need to write upside down sometimes. You don’t know.

TEKwriterUSA Gelwriter Gel Pen Sets with Carrying Case

A writer can never have enough pens. My favorite are colored gel pens, because sometimes I want to write in rainbow. This set comes with 72 pens in carrying cases. Awesome!

NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System – PC

This will rid your home office of paper clutter. It scans business cards, receipts, and documents – whatever you need to scan. Then it organizes the digital files for you. If you scan receipts for taxes, it will work with some tax programs to make that time of the year easier. I want one!

INDIARY FIRST Luxury Leather Journal Finest Buffalo Leather And 100% Cotton Handcrafted Paper – finest leather – A6 – Brown

*Drool* I love leather journals, but never want to spend the money on them. I go through notebooks fast, but keeping a journal is important, too. And shouldn’t it be extravagant?

Quartet Standard Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard Easel, Dual-Purpose Writing Board/Flipchart

I shall scribble my ideas on it, and it will be awesome. I NEED this. Every writer should have one.

66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Sports Headphone [2014] – Wireless Stereo Music Streaming and Hands-free Calling w/ Mic and Noise Cancelling

The key words here are NOISE CANCELLING. Yes! Tune out the world and write, write, write. And, no, I really don’t care about the other features.

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