WindowsXP install Oracle9i two

Environment: WindowsXP
Database: Oracle9i

One problem:
The first installation of Oracle9i in WindowsXP encountered the following error:

You may not have the appropriate permissions to create the directory or disk space, unable to create the directory c: …. ”

My c drive 4G space, my God! This is it? After careful analysis, I think the temporary folder path is too long, once through the network installation Oracle8i seemed to come across such a mistake. So I made the following changes:

1 Right-click My Computer -> Advanced -> Environment Variables
2 the value of the temp and tmp to c: temp

Question two:
Second on a WindowsXP installation of Oracle9i, faced with this error, this time hundreds of times temp and tmp environment variable value to c: temp, or not, a closer look at the mistakes the first time a little bit different, The specific contents are as follows:

“Error in writing to directory c: tempOraInstall, please ensure this directory is writable and has atleast 25 MB of disk space. Installation cannot countinue.”

This error is joking with me! Folder can be written, must have 25M of free space. Is my machine so bad? This time how to do? Modify user permissions, change the temporary folder path … the trial have tried. Finally, I think, my notebook CD-ROM drive is not too bad, so mapping a desktop drive, really good.

Do not know what, and hope that more exchanges! !

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