What is Google Translator Toolkit?

What is Google Translator Toolkit ?

Google Translate Toolkit is a handy tool when you need translating a document from one terminology to another.

You can upload the document, directly write the text, get a URL (link) translated, input a Wikipedia article or can too get the captions of a YouTube video translated.

Google Translate Toolkit supports the following kind of document that can get translated:


  • HTML (.HTML)
  • Microsoft Word (.DOC/.DOCX)
  • OpenDocument Text (.ODT)
  • Plain Text (.TXT)
  • Rich Text (.RTF)
  • Wikipedia URLs


  • YouTube Captions
  • SubRip (.SRT)
  • SubViewer (.SUB)


  • AdWords Editor Archive (.AEA)
  • AdWords Editor Share (.AES)


  • GNU gettext (.PO)
  • Java Application (.PROPERTIES)
  • Application Resource Bundle (.ARB)
  • Chrome Extension (.JSON)
  • Apple iOS Application (.STRINGS)

Google Translate Toolkit can translate into most of the languages that is currently supported by Google. The translated file is preserved in your Google Drive and it ensures the formatting of the document is preserved. Here you can edit the document online, make new changes and share it with your friends. The translated document can also be downloaded in the required format.

The only limitations are mentioned below:

  • Translations and glossaries each have a maximum size of 1MB.
  • You can upload up to 1GB of translations per year.
  • Translation memories have a maximum size of 50MB per upload.
  • Google Translator Toolkit is free.

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