Un-Hackable Operating System From Linux

Tails OsThe Amnesic Incognito Live System

Linux’s Tails operation system have been recently,renowned for being the best and topmost secured operating system among experts. Most of the spynetworks,hackers and cyber experts are now turning to this version of Linux.

Features of Tails OS:

  • Built in online anonymity
  • Built in Tor browser with super anonymous browsing
  • Best ad blocker: built in adblockplus
  • Best java-flash blocker: built in Noscript
  • Built in encrypted email and chat
  • Built in file encryption
  • Editing softwares: preloaded special versions of open office,jimb,audacity.
  • Tails is a live os,which is secondary usable and will never affects
  • The primary os of the sytem.
  • Tails never uses the harddisk memory,only RAM memory. So as soon as the portable Tails os is removed via pendrive or any memory storage,all the data is cleaned from that system and no traces is left behind.

While Using Tails OS you don’t have to use any special TOR browser or VPNs for your privacy,as the OS itself guarantees the anonymity. The Built in Anonymity feature allows you to surf the web safely,getting rid of malwares and other tracing tracking softwares or even secret  agencies and spying.

The main advantage is that no scripts are allowed to run like flashes and javascripts will attack windows systems.

The portability option Is the highlight,why most of the hackers, security specialists use TAILS. You can fill the OS in a portable pendrive and install it just like a flash player on any systems and work upon the OS as usual. After the work you only have to just close it and remove the pendrive. Every information regarding you work during past hours will be deleted or more precisely terminated from the Computer. Actually, TAILS never terminate, but they never save to make such an excuse.

As Most of the users use windows, it is more easy for them to use the portable version, because the portable version will run smoothly in windows system. Also all the inbuilt software features like open office, photo audio editing softwares will make a carrying tool box for IT people.

Still, TAILS can only claim to be the most secured. nothing is unhackable like the proverb,under given conditions and factors. Yet it performs to be the most secured version of linux.

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