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transavia airlines reviewWebsite details

Name: Transavia

Category: Travel

Started: March 1, 1996


Email: contact page

Location: Schiphol Airport, Noord Holland 1118 ZM, Netherlands

Language: Multi-language

Trust 5.0
Content 5.0
Design 5.0
Speed 5.0
Service 5.0
Experience 5.0
Interaction 5.0
Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes cast)

Website Description

Transavia is a European airliner that offers low cost flights to destinations (mainly) across Europe and the Mediterranean.

Transavia currently has a fleet of 29 Boeing aircraft and carries around 5 million passengers per year.

Website Review

As a frequent Transavia flyer myself I have been visiting the site occasionally the last few years.

Arriving at the home page the search bar for finding your travel destination is easy to find. The green, blue and white colors make certain parts of the website clearly distinctive from others. The yellow and normal colors at prices when searching give a clear view in what are normal prices and what are cheaper prices. It eases the searching for the lowest rate.

Arriving at the detailed search results for available flights shows a clear line of available flights. These are very colorful, and seem almost as tiles which make them easy to scan. At the right side of the page the total cost is automatically calculated, together with the time of the flight, the airport you will be departing from and where you will be arriving. I am very pleased with the search process of flights which feels very light weight compared to other airline websites.

After choosing your flight you can choose the amount of baggage you wish to take and a insurance. This is very easy to scan with the use of symbols and distinctive colors.

Transavia offers a wide range of payment options including Paypal and Ideal. This makes payment easy to do, especially for consumers from the Netherlands or people who don’t have a credit card and are able to pay with Ideal.

After payment you get a easy to read confirmation email in PDF with your e-ticket and travel information. You’re also able to check your details or change your flight in your “My Transavia” at the website, this is a handy feature that offers a easy to use hub for all after sale information and services.

You’re also able to choose your own seat 24 hours or so before your flight, thereby being able to choose the place you wish to sit. This can be especially handy when travelling with a larger group and wanting to sit next to each other in the airplane.

All with all Transavia has a excellent website which fits with an excellent airliner with which I never had any problems so far. The service is great, the prices are cheap compared to most airliners and they offer a large variety of top European destinations. The only downside of Transavia can be that they don’t fly to all airports in Europe, and yes that they don’t fly much outside of Europe (with some exceptions there such as Dubai and Luxor).

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