Top 5 E-mail Scams of 2016

Millions of people fall for e-mail scams every year. As people are getting more and more educated on internet frauds now a days, scammers are also inventing new ideas to defraud people and get money out of them by illegitimate means. Scammers can go to any length to fulfil there dirty ambitions.

In this blog I will show you top 5 e-mail scams.



So you wake up in morning, check your inbox and WOW there is a news in there you had won MILLION dollars lottery. You might think how did you win lottery you never played but you might also think that you have been lucky. Then you are told to ring a number and follow their instructions which usually involve a fee for transferring money into your account.

How this scam works?

1- Scammers will send you an e-mail saying you had won a million dollars as you were 1 millionth visitor on their website.

2-You will be asked to contact the overseas number or follow instructions on link.

3- You will be asked to submit money transfer fees for money to be transferred to your account.


You will LOOSE all money you paid for transfer fees you will never hear from that company again. Scammers use this method to extract money from you in form of FAKE transfer fees.



Whilst working in office you will receive a well written e-mail from a well behaved individual who will ask to keep this e-mail secret and he found your profile on Facebook, you seem very honest and trustworthy. He will then start his story by saying his uncle was director or assistant director of state bank of africa and he did billions of dollars of fraud. He died in custody of government and he left all his money with him and wants to transfer this money into your account to make it invisible from his government.

How this Scam works?

1-Scammer will send you an e-mail with above written story.

2-He will request you to communicate over e-mail.

3- Then he will ask you to give him your account details and debit/credit card details.


You will wake up following morning and your account will be EMPTY or your credit card limit would have been EXCEEDED. Scammers use this method to rip you off by using your debit or credit card.



Start money transfer franchise fully licensed by govt of illinois ohio. No investment needed. Earn up to $5000 per transaction. Sign up on following website to start straight away.

How this scam works?

1- Scammers will sign you up as a money transfer franchise.

2- They will ask for you account number during sign up form.

3- They will send you some money and will ask to transfer it to X persons account.

4- First five transactions will be used to reimburse set up fee and you will not get commission.


More or less one year after scam police will be knocking on your door in order to arrest you for aiding money laundering. You will also be only given first five transaction which will be commission free from which you will not earn a single cent. If you decide not to transfer money your life may be in danger from drug dealers. Scammers and drug dealers use this method to launder illegal money and convert black money into white money which is earned by illegal means.



You might be busy with your client and your phone will keep on ringing. You can’t turn it off because the caller is your beloved wife. You cut the meeting short come out and attend phone ” what’s the matter honey?” and your wife say’s darling wohoo we won a holiday trip to NEW YORK. London to New York three night stay in five star hotel.

How this scam works?

1- You receive an e-mail that you won a holiday trip.

2- You call the number and speak to an agent.

3- The agent asks for booking fee.


You will LOOSE you booking fee and will never hear from that company again.



Hi my name is JON CARLEY SCAM-MAN. I am a domain realtor and my  client is a big investor from dubai and he want to buy your domain . He plans to invest $200,000 to build his domain portfolio what is asking price for this domain. You reply by saying you want £20,000 for your domain. In next e-mail he says he accept that offers and ask you to provide domain appraisal and TM valuation certificate.

How this scam works?

1- You receive an e-mail from some body who is interested in your domain ( which you actually forgot about and is not valuable at all)

2- You send price and buyer agrees. He asks you to present domain appraisal certificate and TM value certification. He also says if you are not familiar with process he can help you get domain valued at price you set because he knows a company who take few Dollars commission and put up the price you want.

3- You will go and get domain valued at your price.


After you have paid for domain appraisal and TM valuation certificate he will say his client is not interested any more or their phone will be switched off. He just wanted to take money out from your wallet by asking and referring you to company for  domain appraisal at your wanting price. This scam disappeared but recently it has been reported again by different sources.

I know getting big money is tempting but always remember,

“if it’s too good to be true it probably is”

So i will request you to be aware of these scams and not hand over your hard earned money to these scammers. If you have ever been a victim of an e-mail scam or know of any other methods used by scammers please write in comments below and help normal public stay safe from FRAUD.

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