Top 3 GPS Service Providers in India


What is GPS tracking system?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The GPS tracking system is use to find out or locate the position and location of any person, device or vehicle to which the GPS system is attached. Also the path is traced out by locating its position at uniform time period. All this data is gets recorded and stored within the system. Finally the data is transmitted to the desired location at PC with internet connectivity via central location data base system. The transmission of data even includes GPRS or GPS enabled cell phone or satellite modem embedded in the system. GPS tracking system consists of GPS module to receive signal and analyse the co-ordinates to locate the position in a small device and a simple software installed in your PC or Mobile phone or Tablet.

Why use a GPS tracking system? Why is it important?

GPS trackers are useful and helpful to impart information about your important documents or material or kids when they are on the way. They are small in size and comfortably attached to the system to be tracked. It will provide user the latest updated information about the location in the path in which the child or vehicle or material is travelling. It can even tell you about the speed of the vehicle with which it is moving. All this can help you trace them and know that they reach to the desired placed safely or not. With the increasing cases in kidnapping, abduction, rape etc. usage of GPS tracking system has increased to keep an eye over the vehicles and persons which are travelling in official cabs or buses or any other vehicle.

What should an effective GPS system have?

The GPS trackers support intricate satellite technology but still they are simple and easy to use and understand. It does not require highly qualified technical people to know about the functioning of the system. The trackers can be placed in the collar of your pet or inside the vehicle or in your child’s backpack. After this all you need to do is keep an eye on the monitoring system like smartphone or PC or Tablet. An effective GPS should have:

Significant Tracking: the GPS tracker should be updated to offer you effective tracking. It should let you know about the desired person or vehicle timely via any alert. It should be continuously match the map to be followed by the person / vehicle. It should include details of the speed of the vehicle, geographical location along with the time of recording. Some enhanced GPS trackers involve Geo-fencing technique to let you know if the vehicle moves outside the marked area or does not follow the map.

Prominent Features: it must have appropriate monitoring unit, maps and alerts. It should have good battery life so that it should get interrupted while tracing.

Convenient usage: it should be small in size and easily portable. The set up should be easily configured. The software should be user friendly and interactive. The interface with the web should be compatible with monitoring device.

Salient Help and Support: Some of the GPS tracker makers include tutorials, user manuals and FAQs to help the user in the entire manner. But there should be direct contact information placed to help the users in efficient manner through email or call. Some of them even use customer care services to render help to users.

Who are the Top 3 GPS tracking service providers in INDIA?

Although there are many GPS tracking providers but we eventually found the services of these three companies to be efficient, quick and trustworthy.

MapmyIndia: It is one of the leading quality GPS service providers in India. It deals in digital mapping system, GPS tracking, LBS, GIS and even in location-based business intelligence solutions. The company is constantly providing latest, updated, reliable, vital, precise navigated map information for India since 1995. It refers service and product around all the platforms like vehicles, Internet, Mobile phones, PC etc. It has even joined hand with national and international partners. ‘MapmyIndia Navigator’ is currently holding largest selling GPS tag in cars field. It covers approximate 600+ public and private sector clients along with 2200 outlets in about 50 cities in India. It has got an Indian government approval, there by handling high tech clients like Qualcomm Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), Sherpalo Ventures etc. It has been rewarded with 6 national awards in different field for its ultimate services.

IndTrack Solutions: it is a persuasive, potent, significant growing company which promise to contribute technical solution to real life circumstances. It works in several domains. It offers solutions to software development, government bodies, wireless technology and logistic management security systems. The GPS trackers are sourced from reliable manufacturers which can be placed in vehicle or installed in mobiles. The products and services provided by the company is pocket friendly to the users. It utilizes international standards and is top rated for GIS maps and data which support in reverse lookup for location for text reports. It has a wide and strong network base to help its customers in software and hardware installation. All this makes it a fully emerging eminent GPS service provider in India.

Satguide: This is one the service provider for GPS under the name of SatNav technologies division. It aims to lead among top 3 IT product companies till year 2014. It has a announced media partner as BCCL which is commonly known as Times Group since 2007. Its other recognised partners are Reliance, DoCoMo, HTC, Sequoia Capital, Eastman, India times; homeshop18 etc. It is referred as India’s 1st GPS navigation device which provisions PNDs with Bluetooth and rear view camera.

It allows tracing assets and people with indoor and outdoor tracking facility. SatTracx software is also available as smartphone Apps to provide traffic information. This is first of its kind in India. Further it renders online customer care support within the scheduled time which flashed on its website.

If you wish to increase the safety and security of your vehicle, people, then you can try any of them which suit your need. With increases in the market, many more international or local players are expected to enter this market which would only make the products more user friendly.


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