Top 10 WordPress Plugin to backup your Website into DropBox

wordpress backup to dropbox

Backing up your website or blog is very tedious and sometimes it can take more time than usual. The more a website changes the more backup it required. A website that changes often doesn’t have the luxury of ignoring a backup. And ignoring a backup is potential data loss.

So if you want to keep your blog live it must be backed up. Here are some backup rules you must follow to backup your wordpress blog or website.

# Maintain a schedule to backup your WP web. It should be according to your blog/web updating frequency.

# It should be done before or after installing/uninstalling anything new.

# backup only those plugins which really matter to your website, I mean no need to backup plugin like anti spamming etc.

Ok now lets come to the point, backup your web to Dropbox. But what is this Dropbox and how we can use it? Dropbox is a free secure cloud storage that allows you to access your data from Personal computers, phones, and tablets. You can edit your documents, add photos and video, and share with your friends and family. Dropbox is a great backup solution for your WordPress site. And of course, there are so many plugins that make the task easy.


1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox is free plugin that automatically uploads your entire website to Dropbox, including your WordPress files and your database. You can choose the day, time, and how often it will upload your files. It also lets you choose which folders within Dropbox and on your server that your files are backed up to. You can even choose which files and directories to include, so you can exclude directories if you want. Backups also include any theme changes that you’ve done.

The interface is easy to use. You simply link the plugin to your Dropbox account and you’re good to go. Your information is kept secure because the plugin uses OAuth rather than storing your information in the plugin’s files. Unfortunately, there isn’t a restore feature included here.

2. BackWPup Free

BackWPup Free is a free backup plugin that saves your complete installation to Dropbox, or one of several other cloud storage solutions including your own hard drive, FTP, and Rackspace. It creates a backup in .zip and .tar formats so you can easily restore your website.

The free edition includes the database backup, WordPress XML export, it generates a file to show the installed plugins, optimizes and repairs the database, and allows backups to several online cloud backup services including Dropbox.

3. WP Dropbox Dropins

WP Dropbox Dropins is a free plugin that allows you to save your files to Dropbox manually. It uses two UI components to make things easy: the Saver and the Chooser. The Saver saves your files to Dropbox. You just click the file you want to save and click where it goes in the Dropbox. The Chooser restores your files from Dropbox to your website. It is a javascript component that allows you to easily choose the files you want to bring from Dropbox to your website. It simplifies the work so you don’t have to worry about using a file browser, authentication, managing uploads, or storage.

4. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a plugin made by iThemes. It has a comprehensive list of sources that you can backup your website to including your own hard drive, Dropbox, Stash, Amazon S3, Rackspace, FTP, and email. The interface is easy to use. You choose where you want your backups stored and how often you want your backups uploaded. It is easily connected to your Dropbox account for automated backups.


Boxit is the another plugin to backup your WP website to Dropbox that creates a responsive control where you can drop your files to be uploaded to your Dropbox. Uploads are handled by drag and drop—just like uploading media to WordPress.

6. Out Of The Box

While it doesn’t have an automated backup system, Out-of-the-Box uses the official Dropbox API that will integrate Dropbox into your WordPress site allowing you to store your files in your Dropbox. It treats Dropbox as online storage that’s integrated into your site instead of just a backup service. It creates the link so you can still use your files within your website. You can view, download, rename, or delete your files and folders directly from WordPress. It also works as a file browser, gallery, and media player. It includes an upload form to make it easy to upload files. You can download files as a zip file. You can also have individual users that only have access to their own folder in your Dropbox.

7. Snapshot

This one is not free. The plugin is $20 per year. You can cancel after the first year and keep the plugin without updates or support. There are no license restrictions.

Snapshot takes, well, snapshots of your site so you can save them and store them anywhere you want. All you have to do is press the Create a Snapshot button to capture everything about your site at that particular moment. And then you can restore back to that version of your site with a single click of a button. This is a good feature if you’re experimenting and you don’t want to have to manually undo everything you just did. You have a simple, one click, restore. You can also schedule these backups to save your files to Dropbox, Amazon S3, or SFTP. You can take snapshots, or “Time Machine” snapshots, of your entire database or just the tables you choose.

8. ManageWP Worker

ManageWP Worker is unique among the backup plugins for Dropbox. Its purpose is to provide users a single dashboard to remotely manage multiple WordPress websites. One of its key features is the ability to schedule automatic backups to cloud storage services including Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and FTP / SFTP.

9. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is another free solution that will back up your WordPress files to multiple cloud storage services, including Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, email, and lots more. One thing I like about Updraft is that it keeps it simple. You can restore your backups with a single click. It lets you split large files into smaller pieces to speed up the backup process.

And the last but not the least..

10. wp Time Machine

wp Time Machine is a free plugin that creates an archive of your WordPress files and database for storage on several online storage locations including Dropbox, Amazon S3, and FTP. It will create a backup of everything in your wp-content folder. It will also back up your .htaccess file. There is also a process for smooth recovery. Recovery can be automated, though this file is not fully functional as it is still being developed


There is also many premium editions available for these plugins. Which adds features to the free edition which includes ad-free, automatic backups, multiple storage destinations, importer, migrator, enhanced reporting, enhanced support for Dropbox and others.

So bloggers choose one and Happy Blogging.

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