Tips On What You Should Not Share On Facebook For Safety

Facebook spite of being the world’s largest social network, can also become a place of many dangers, where rumors are disseminated faster than the speed of light, so it is able to provide cyber bulling because unfortunately it is also used by ill-intentioned people who watches his way and interprets itself. Why do you get these tips on things you should never share on Facebook.

1. Problems with your partner

Do not post it! It can be dangerous post on Facebook about your fights, things that annoy you from your partner or more serious issues such as separation or divorce. One could say that is a way to find support and comfort as you observe, but can cause damage if you can believe. In addition, your partner may feel hurt to read what you wrote about him or her in social networks. There are sensitive people and seeing their reputation is worldwide and this affects their integrity can cause psychological damage to the individual, whether homabre or female.

2. Nasty or Disgusting Photos

There are many who believe it is acceptable to post photos of serious injuries or nasty things, as there are others who produce them disgust and may even vomit or faint. You have to think twice before posting a photo.

3. Embarrassing anecdotes about other people

If you want yours to share some embarrassing situation, because no fear and do it, you know something? the more uncomfortable, the better. As embarrassing cases of other people is better not to write anything embarrassing, whether your partner, friends or children, unless you get permission this course. And even a funny story, may not like to share it with the world.

4. Your address or personal information

Public caution when important things, that really catches everyone’s attention when someone posts a picture of your new credit card or when you leave your phone number in the comments. Remember that everyone has access to that information and knows where you live and how to contact you. And not to discourage people, but posting personal information on Facebook can have serious consequences because there are bad people involved who like the easy life.

5. Speaking ill of someone

Today there is much negativity in the world, the idea is to end this enjoyable or not increased. If you are bothered by something that an acquaintance made or color of the house of the new neighbor do you think publishing a photo or your opinion on Facebook is going to improve or solve things ?. It is more likely that you will achieve what unfortunately is spreading negativity and scorn. Note that if you have nothing good to say, do not say anything.

Remember that once the information is in the public domain, and you can not repair the damage caused by posting things, of which many do not feel they should.

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