The MIDGET Rule to Forum Success

Anybody can set up a forum script and host it somewhere, but what does it take to make a set of forums on the Web a big success?  Well, I might not be able to help you build the most popular set of message boards you have ever seen (because if I could, I’d be doing that – earning millions in Google AdSense ads, and not still going on and on here).  I do have a few suggestions though how you can get off the ground after having setup your forum script.

If you can remember the word M.I.D.G.E.T. you too can run a successful set of forums.

M ight need to Setup the Rules First – the most important part of your forums are the rules.  They set the mood, and the guidelines for what people can and can not do.  keep the general rules short and simple (under ten would be nice) so people will actually take the time to check them out.

I nactive Forums Are No Fun – try your best to keep your forums active with new threads and topics every day.  If needed, you might ask a few of your friends to stop by and post here and there to help you get started, ‘till you have your own community built up anyways.

D on’t Forget Contest and Promotions – a good way to start building some free press for yourself, and to get people interested is to start a contest, giveaway or promotion.  People like free stuff, and they will flock to you for giving it to them.

G et Some Interactive Topics and Discussions Going – Whatever your forum’s main topic is, try to start some topics that encourage contributing to. asking for people favorite this, that or the other is a great conversation starter, just as one example.

E void Controversial People and Ideas – OK, I know Evoid isn’t a word, but I had to make it fit.  People who like to pick fights should be dealt with quickly.  While some debate is healthy, make sure you run things, and you kick people who are ruining the party for everybody else.  Don’t let the inmates run the asylum.

T hanks for all the Fish – it might sounds cliche, but going to say it anyways.  Remember to have fun with your forums.  Enjoy what are building, and the community you are helping to found.

So there you have my few suggestions on how you can make your forums a little more successful from the start.

If anybody else out there in Web hosting Land has any suggestions – feel free to leave them in the comments or drop me an e-mail.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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