How To Recover Memory Card Password

Memory card stores all our cellphone data. We sometimes lock it with the password to maintain our privacy. In this busy life we all have several accounts which have password be it our bank a/c, e-mail id etc. Although we are supposed to remember many passwords, the chances are that we might forget our password. Here I have mentioned a few ways by which you can recover your memory card password.

how to remove memory card password in pc

How to recover memory card password through PC.

For Symbian Mobiles


  • Now you need a Symbian OS phone to remove the memory card password, Nokia uses the Symbian OS.
  • Insert Memory Card into Symbian OS (Nokia) mobile.
  • After inserting memory card, download the FExplorer Software on that device.
  • After downloading FExplorer software install it on your device.
  • Open FExplorer and go to C:/ and search for file MMCSTORE.
  • After finding MMCSTORE file send it to your computer.
  • Simply open file “MMCSTORE” into Notepad/Word.
  • At the end of file you will find your password.


Alternate method 


  • Download X-PLORE.
  • Now install X-PLORE in your SYMBIAN device.
  • After that open the X-PLORE and simply press the 0(zero) key .
  • Select the option “SHOW THE SYSTEM FILES”.
  • Go to C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore.
  • After that press the numeric value 3 to enable HEX_VIEWER.
  • Now you will find the some values like TMSD02G (c ??”? x???5?7?3?8?2) in third coloumn.
  • To simplify the above code remove the ‘?’ from the code and you will get your memory card password.


For the above code password is 57382.

Recover Memory Card password (Micro SD)

For Android Devices:


  • Open file manager of your mobile.
  • In Settings choose system folder.
  • Look for file mmcstore in the folder.
  • Send this file on pc or laptop either by data cable or by Bluetooth.
  • Open the file in notepad.
  • When the file is opened you will see the password located in the file.


One more method available to remove memory card password is just to Format your memory card.
When you format memory card it will ask you to enter password. Press numeric value 0000 and your password will be removed. But keep in mind that if you are formatting your memory card  all your data will vanish in the air

Hope this method to recover memory card password helps you.

One thought on “How To Recover Memory Card Password

  1. I used Root Browser, there is no MMCSTORE file in Sys OR System folder.

    NB: my phone is not rooted.
    Does your solution only work for rooted phones?

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