Recommending a C++ beginner’s tutorial

I struggled for a short while at first when I was trying to find a C++ tutorial that I liked, but I did and I’ve been using it for the past few days! This tutorial is at and it holds a pretty extensive collection of video tutorials that are suitable for beginners to the C++ language. I’m not sure if I would say that they would be right for beginners to coding in general, since it pretty much dives right in. For me, after I managed to get a grip on running C++ codes from my editors into Terminal, these tutorials have been a wonderful resource for me.

The videos start with installing some softwares onto your Windows computer (I skipped this video since I use a Mac), and the video right after that teaches you to display “Hello World”. The instructor for this tutorial explains as well what each part of the C++ code is and does, which I appreciated a lot since having so much was unfamiliar after my experience with Python. After that, it was just building up your skills in C++! Very straightforward, and the videos are quite short and easy to watch.

Another nice feature to this website is their Challenges page. There aren’t very many but they request that learners test their knowledge by creating simple programs, like requesting that the user enter a number and then relaying whether that number is prime or not. The challenge page lists the challenges by their difficulty and even says by which lesson you should be able to complete the challenge. Personally, I love when tutorials give me short programming assignments to do, because it gives me a chance to gather what I have learned well and what I should review a little more.

So, as a C++ beginner, I definitely recommend this as a learning resource if you enjoy video tutorials over written ones.

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