How to Read online Articles Later or Offline in Windows 8.1

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I figured out some awesome stuff from my friend’s windows 8.1 Notebook, where it took her little more time to understand and get familiar with Windows 8, as previously she used Windows XP PC. But I really love Windows 8.1 even though it’s somewhat confusing for others.

One of the great features is the Metro Apps, which were preloaded with some efficient apps, is the ‘Reading List’. This app lets you to save online articles in categorized manner and you read them when you are offline. If you are addicted to reading articles online often, and in case you have no internet access, make sure you save your favorite stuff to browse when you are offline.

It’s important to know that this App only works with Windows 8 on the latest tile interface. That lets you save articles you visit through apps like Sport, News, Internet Explorer, and Health & Fitness. Let’s get started to save some Articles. I’ll guide you through it in the following steps.

  • To save an article to your Reading List
  • Go to the articles, which you want to save ( example: in the news app)
  • Now go to the bottom-right or top corners of your screen to bring your charms menu
  • Click share, then select Reading List
  • In the category drop down menu,
  • choose your desired category to save your article or you can create a new article if you want.
  • give it a name then Click OK
  • Click Add in the top right to save your article to that category in your reading list.

In the modern metro app tiles, Tap the reading list, and click the article you want to read, there you will see all categories at left of your screen and articles on the right.  You can easily delete the items in your Reading List by just clicking the Delete option and you can re-add the same deleted article from the “Recently Deleted’ option if you want to.

If you are worried on how long your articles are saved, then it will be of limited time of 3 months which end showing just titles and descriptions but not images, where you can reload the articles if you refresh online.

If you have lot of articles saved and want to find one quickly then you find it through the search option, and in the results you can read that article and you can also remove articles and multi-select articles for batch removal.  Some more features from the recent version enable you to sync the saved articles across your devices, so you can save your article on Desktop PC and complete reading on a tablet.

I hope you Enjoyed this Knowledge, please let us know what you think of it via comments below.

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