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paypal reviewWebsite details

Name: PayPal

Category: Business

Started: 1998


Email: contact page

Location: San José, United States of America

Language: Multi-language

Website description

PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

Website review

Arriving at the homepage of the PayPal website we’re offered a large visual image with easy to read headings and texts. The log in and password are on top of the page, which are noticed first when arriving on the page.

I created my PayPal account some years ago to test how Paypal worked. Recently I have started to actively use PayPal finding it of great help when needing to do online (international) payments.

I connected my personal bank account to my PayPal account which makes it possible to do a payments through PayPal directly without needing to log in to your bank account and transfer money to Paypal first. I have done multiple payments in this way and have not stumbled upon any problems thus far.

First arriving in my Paypal account I found that there were many links and options and I did not knew right away where I needed to start to add my money. I than eventually found out I needed to go to my profile to make most of the changes I sought, for instance connecting my bank account to my Paypal account.

I also recently am using Paypal in some of my websites including on Website Reviews for visitors to order a “Featured Review” or ordering publicity space at the “Publicity section”. The Paypal offered options at the subsection “For webshops”, which gives you the possibility to simply implement a payment button that is connected to your Paypal account.

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This is ideal for creating an easy to use payment system into your website. You can also get an Express Payment system for implementing a shopping cart into your site, you’ll simply fill in what you want and get a line of code that you’re able to paste in your desired web page.

I recently upgraded my account from Private to Premium to receive PayPal payments on my account through the payment buttons I wanted to implement, I found it doesn’t cost me any money for upgrading my account to Premium or Business, you will solely pay PayPal over transactions or the payments you receive. Those 3,5 to 1 percent (lower percentage when your transaction volume rises) I find reasonable when it means I have no start up costs, administration costs or any other fees for using PayPal.

I advice to experiment how PayPal can work for you as it is a broadly used payment system worldwide and it doesn’t cost you any money for owning an account.

You might think at first “What do I need to do”? or “What are all the options?” When you arrive in your PayPal account, I advise you to check out some of the options and see what is important for you. I hope PayPal will make its design a bit more visual and readable though as I find it has many links and options that could seem a bit overwhelming at first.

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