Transitioning from SAAS Enterprise to Cloud Computing

When, If Ever, Will SaaS Crack Core, Mission Critical Processes In The Enterprise It’s no secret Software as a Service (SaaS) has generated tremendous excitement among many customers for its apparently transformational adoption model and ownership experience.  Unlike client-server applications, SaaS delivers faster time to value often via a viral buying cycle as well as lower risk deployment.  The early adopter focus has been on small and midsize businesses (SMBs) because SaaS makes it economical to…

"Transitioning from SAAS Enterprise to Cloud Computing"

PHP – Make Youtube embed code from an Url

A small php function that transforms a youtube url in its embed script. function make_youtube_embed_from_url($url) { $url = str_replace(‘?v=’,’/v/’,$url); $out = ‘<object width=\”425″ height=\”350\”><param name=\”movie\” value=\”‘. $url .’\”></param><param name=\”wmode\” value=\”transparent\”></param><embed src=\”‘. $url .’\” type=\”application/x-shockwave-flash\” wmode=\”transparent\” width=\”425\” height=\”350\”></embed></object>’; return $out; }

"PHP – Make Youtube embed code from an Url"

Drupal:: How to Add User Pictures

Unlike most basic things in drupal, adding a user pictures to nodes like the forum, is not such an easy intuitive task. So after looking around i gathered this: To add a user picture on posts: – select pictures in /admin/user/settings – allow pictures in the theme at admin/build/themes/settings (also in the specific used theme if there is one)

"Drupal:: How to Add User Pictures"