Monster Tips to Get Thousands of Unique Visitors Daily to Your Blog/Site

One of the most searched terms by a blogger (especially beginners) in case of blogging is “How to get maximum traffic to a blog?

All of you know very well that it is not an easy task to gain suitable traffic to your blog but it is not a difficult work either. All you have to follow is some basic rules or you can say some basic steps to get a lot of traffic to your blog.

If I go personally and truly than I would like to mention is that a blogger starts his/her journey with blogging not for passion but only for MONEY. Well same for me. Well it is not for everyone but I am mentioning for the majority.

But you need a heavy traffic and good rankings to your blog to make some money from it. So, in this post I am about to discuss about making good amount of traffic not the rankings.

So, let’s start it.

Step to Step Guide to Get Thousands of Unique Visitors (Traffic) Daily to Your Blog/Site:

1. Providing Best Quality Content

Well this is the basic and the very first step to go with to gain traffic to your blog. Many beginners start their journey with copied content. But that is simply useless. One unique content post is equal to hundreds and even thousands of copied posts.

Copied content neither gives you traffic nor the rankings. So, I specially recommend you to write good and unique posts for your blog.

Some basic tips you must follow for a unique post:

  • It must be 600+ words long (If you follow it in very starting then I guarantee you will get much good experience for future)
  • If you are a beginner and confused how to write a unique and good quality post, then I personally recommend you to simply Google your title what you are about to write and read the content from top 5 sites in Google. Please read them carefully and write after that (this will not only help you in writing a good quality post but sharpening your learning skills too).

2. Superior Placement of Keywords

The next step is placing your keywords in the post/article. This is very important in case of getting good traffic to your blog. You have to place your keywords in such a way that it will look familiar as well not formal.

If you try to enter your keywords for after every single or two lines then it will give you NEGATIVE IMPACT. So, be simple and honest in your post and use your keywords wherever you think it’s beneficial.

3. Heading Tags

The next step is to put and mention heading tags wherever you think it’s beneficial (do not go with formality). Just try to use them where you think there is use of them. As you know, many few readers read full article or line to line.

So, you must have to use proper heading tags in your post so that your reader can easily track for what he/she is searching and want help about.

4. Special Effects to your Keywords and Important Points

Confused for special effects?

Well don’t be confused guys. I mean customize your keywords and important points with following tactics:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Changing Color

These are the 4 four basic tactics to customize your keywords/important points. Well many bloggers use SEOPressor Plugin for automatic customization of keyword but personally I would like to recommend you is to do it manually.

I also do it manually.

5. Placing Appropriate Images to your Article

  • If you are using a tutorial or “how to” entitled post then you must go with multiple images to mention the tricks/post properly, or
  • If you are writing on other topics then one or two images are fine to the post. One for the FEATURED THUMBNAIL and other for the post CONTENT (to be used in starting of the post).

6. Social Sharing

Share the post on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, StumbleUpon etc. This will be really helpful for your post to be indexed in search results in search engines. So, don’t forget to share the post.


  • Be sure to check the category of the post. Use appropriate category for the post which it is about.
  • Check the permalink of the post. Use short and effective permalink including your main keyword/title.

Now you are complete. Simply publish your post.

So, if you guys follow all these tips for your blog, I guarantee you that your site will be on good heights. Well every post is not going to be viral but if you follow it regularly for all your articles, then you surely get good amount of organic traffic to your blog.


Some might get the results very soon, whereas some will get after some days/months. But it is sure that you will get heavy amount of traffic and audience to your blog.

So, keep these basic things in mind before and after writing a post.


Good Luck !

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