Microsoft Dynamics GP Review

For any individual that owns a mid-market business and needs to get the accounting of their business done in a quick, simple and tech savvy way, this is one review that you should pay attention to. Not only because Microsoft Dynamics GP is a product from Microsoft so it is quality and service guaranteed but also because it has the potential of placing your business in another level and has the ability to make sure that you get the best out of your finances. There are a variety of reasons as to why the Microsoft Dynamics GP software should be a must have for your business but first you need to understand exactly what it is. So here we took a look inside and bring to you our Microsoft Dynamics GP review.

microsoft dynamics gp review

What is the Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Supposing you’re yet to come across this one of a kind product, it is an accounting software that is packaged for a variety of countries that include UK, North and South America as well as the Middle East and a variety of other business minded countries.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is also referred to as an “ERP software” and uses the Microsoft SQL server to store its data. However, storing is not all it does as it is written in Dexterity and also Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with four accounting packages to meet virtually every need that any one person might have.

Why you should consider the Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP is Easy to use.

One of the strong points about this product is that it has been designed to work like most of the other Microsoft products. As such, if the customer has had experience using Excel sheets, they should not find this cumbersome at all. In any case, they should find it super easy once they get the hang of it. It allows you to do among other things integrate information, reports and processes across your business in a simple manner allowing you to deepen your business management capabilities especially with regards to accounting and finances.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP has a proper support base.  

When it comes to business, you cannot just jump into unknown waters and start operating. Microsoft has a great network of local partners that have put their knowledge and expertise in certain fields into the product making it quite feasible in most of the industries more so because experts in that field are involved in production process and even in formulating add-ons. This means that the product is able to be useful since it is able to address real issues that are being faced by the respective businesses.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP is Flexible.

The last thing that any one business owner or manager wants is something that cannot twist, turn and bend at the will of time and change. With the Microsoft Dynamics GP system, you can decide to either get hosted on the deployment model where an intense network of Microsoft partners will cater to you or you can choose an On-Premises model where you never really get to see a technician but the job gets done and either of these are highly malleable to fit your needs.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP is Reliable.

In a business setting, one of the most important terms is reliability and Microsoft understands this. That is why they offer nothing less than reliability which is evidenced by the 10 year support cycle that comes with each major release of this product so you never have to face any single problem on your own.

If you’re looking for a way to get around your finance books and be much more effective in accounting for your finances, your search may have come to an end courtesy of the Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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