How To Make Your App Stand Out In The Crowded App Store

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The mobile apps are increasing like a jungle fire as the usage of mobile increased as compared to computers. Believe it not there is a lot of money profit in the app economy. As per the ABI research reports, the economy of the mobile app store in the year 2016 has become $46 billion which was $8.5 billion in the year 2011.

With the rapid economic growth, there is one more thing which is increasing in the app store and that is competition. A countless number of companies has come up with an idea of personalised apps and thus increased the level of contention in the field of the mobile app store.

Why Mobile App Marketing Is Essential

Mobile Apps are the apps that ease the human life, the same way, it is very important to market the Apps, so that public should know that there is an app, which they can use on Mobile. It helps to connect with its customers.

  1. The basic way is to see that, required apps are available in app store to download from their smart phones
  2. Nowadays most of the transactions are done by mobile apps
  3. Customers should be able to download easily, here easily means, memory space required to download, efficiency, and features rich application that makes customers life easy.
  4. According to a survey 80% of the smart phone users, browse for different types of apps in App store
  5. An effective marketing is essential to  make an app successful
  6. Ad on app should be released before app released to market to judge its potential
  7. When a customer looking for something in Google, related app should appear and search engine should drive the customer to download the app
  8. Ads on mobile app marketing on Social media – such as Whatsapp, twitter, Face book, YouTube,  websites, publish and press release
  9. Preparing an ad and sharing on Social media
  10. The feel and look should be attractive and it should not be monotonous
  11. In periodic intervals, the feel and look should be changed and suitable updates should be released to keep the users on edge
  12. Once customer uses the app, s/he should feel like using the app and also advertise about the app with his friends, colleagues, relatives and surrounding people
  13. Customer should feel happy and secured  to use for shopping
  14. Search ads are the most effective ad formats to drive apps
  15. As and when there is some information to be included, immediately the app must be upgraded with new information. As and when customer looks for new versions, it should be available in the app store.
  16. Should prompt the customer to retain the app by improving its value and utility of the app
  17. Prompts should be shared in all ads to install the app to avail some benefit, such as to avail some kind of discount or issue of coupons or issue of movie tickets to name a few
  18. Mobile App marketing strategies will be successful not only in attracting the customers but also when it brings value to the customers
  19. The App should get noticed by customers who use the sites to search for apps
  20. Mobile App marketing is a long process and it should be continual until it reaches  the customers successfully
  21. Marketing should consists of 3 phases – Pre launch, launch and post launch of an app
  22. Ads on app should start before its release and continue during and after app release
  23. There might be same kind of apps in the market. App developer should make sure that customer should love and like to use this app. It can be done by including rich features, touch and feel, ease and comfort, efficiency and user friendly, easier and faster to name a few
  24. To make an app successful and to stand outside the crowd, it should be the first choice your target audience
  25. Hence mobile apps and its marketing have become very important to both marketers and consumers


The mass containing both the useful and fake apps made it difficult for the users to get the perfect app for themselves. So here we will see how you can make your mobile app popular in the mobile app store:


  • App Name: Name of your app should be thoughtful and trendy also the kind of short and sweet one. It should resemble the genre of the app it belongs with. Have a check on illustration, should have a cool name, Messenger is succinct, unique, and other trendy stuff.


  • App description: When a play store use lands on your app having no information about the one, it is the app description that provides it with the required information. However, you should know how and what you should write in the app description category. You can write something like, “This app is super cool, loaded with all new features and above all, it is free free free!” For app description you can get in touch with Mind Mingles providing A to Z app store marketing services.


  • Screenshot and videos: Pictures and videos can provide any age of user better understanding than the written description. Sometimes, the user doesn’t get the app description properly and here the pictorial description or the screenshots can work the better way. This can give users the exact idea of the application.


  • Genuine review: Here the question arises, what you will do if the screenshots, videos and written description is not convening the user for app download. Reviews are something any user can true above all. You can check the reviews of the genuine user as only a genuine user can give the most trustworthy description of the app.


  • Last update: Sometimes the application starts well, also receive a good number of a number of downloads, but doesn’t maintain the consistency. Some bugs and minor errors are very much common in almost every mobile app. The top developers believe that one should always keep on updating the app and fixing the bug so as to remove the misfits. One can check the date of the last update in the review area. Wherein the last update date should be close to the current date.


  • The number of downloads: talking about me I prefer looking at the number of downloads first and then download the application. Just like me, many users prefer checking the number of download section. It is very much clear that none of the dumb application will reach up to a noticeable number of download.   


  • App size: This is another important thing user check while downloading the app. “25 MB I don’t have this much of data left in my internet pack.” Or “Ha just 5 MB! Let’s download and give this app a quick check.” This is where the actual difference in the application’s size lies.


Conclusion: App store marketing will let you take advantage of all the privileges and can easily make you stand out.


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