How to Capture the Heart of the Luxury Traveler

luxury travelerYou, you sophisticated thing, are not the kind of person who appreciates being sold to. Or at least, feeling as if you are being sold to, even when common sense tells you that you are.

Content marketing, like sincere love notes scattered about, is seduction

If at first glance an offer appears irresistible, it doesn’t take you long to figure out if some dude or some thing is not your type.

You can spot a bull pick up line or sales funnel suck miles away. You had your heart broken for the first time when you were eight. Heck. You went on your first and last time share sales breakfast over a decade ago. When things aren’t for you, you know.

As far as you’re concerned, the masses can cling to their shiny magazines that are essentially shiny ads, and go on diminishing the meaning of “Like” by clicking away on Facebook.  You know your attention is worth more than that.

You peek over the top of your sunglasses at the wonder of it. And move on.

Luxury travel and the path to “Buy Now”

The best love notes have a way of showing up when you least expect, when you need them most, saying just what you need to hear. In this way good content marketing is like scattering little love notes around.

You confound the marketers who want to go “Ah-ha! We know how this happened,” when if you were asked to recount your path to “Buy Now” in a court of law, you couldn’t. Even to yourself, you are a mystery.

Perhaps your last online vacation purchase started months ago on social media, with an oblique Twitter tidbit you heard from a new boutique hotel in the Caribbean. Or maybe your horoscope, suggested you consider planning a trip “near the equator.”

But most likely that initial seed for your next trip was planted through good old fashioned word of mouth. A colleague, friend, or neighbor have all mentioned places you want to know more about.

Now’s your time to keep your ears open and get busy.

Luxury travel and planning a trip to the Caribbean

Sure you look at Trip Advisor or Kayak and scan reviews. But you don’t always go for number one or even number ten.

Nothing would make you sadder than seeing your “discovery” at the top of Trip  Advisor too soon. It can at least wait until after you have a chance to go there. Then you will always be able to say, “I went there years ago!”

Those pitchy resorts with generic, albeit beautiful photographs, with tedious copy that goes on and on about “hidden gems” and “white sandy beaches?”  They really don’t stand a shot with you.

You want the place with water so turquoise and skies so blue, they would give you a headache if it weren’t for the sublime juxtaposition of white fairy clouds and ramshackle beach bungalows, each in a perfectly bright pastel. You want the dazzling smile of a waiter, the melon beverage perched on a silver tray. You want to feel the trade winds on salty and sun touched skin. You want curtains to billow. You want every photograph labeled on the website, so you know exactly what to do to get yourself in this story.

You want to know thread counts and pillows and outdoor showers. You want someone to tell you EXACTLY how many steps it is to the beach. You want to know if the beach is more than a pretty face and has swimmable waters, and if not, what this place will do to get you to them. You want to know if nightlife means nightclubs or stargazing.

You want details, lovingly created just for you. All over the place.

Marketing stories are a promise

Through words, photographs and design, the best travel content marketing makes you the main character and tells you exactly what your life together can be. Like a heartfelt love note, it’s connection, it’s a promise.

Content marketing slowly, but surely, brings your future together in focus.

Someday your content marketing will seal the relationships with your perfect customers.

Like true love, it’s all kind of inevitable.

What is your experience in reaching today’s “luxury traveler”?

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