Lrn app for on-the-go Review

I might be on the road this Thanksgiving but I won’t let that be an excuse to not continue to learn something new. I’ve had the Lrn app downloaded to my iPhone for a while now and decided to use this trip as a chance to try it out.


The app has options to learn a number of languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.
After you pick a language the lessons are separated into sections based on whatever they are teaching. The python lessons followed a progression that is pretty typical of other Python guides.

Otherwise you click on those sections and progress through them. They teach the syntax and concepts through multiple choice questions and fill-in-the-blanks and finally flash cards to help review what you’ve learned. I wish that it was a little bit more demanding in terms of being able to prove understanding, but it’s great if you are using it as more review after you’ve already completed a more intensive lesson elsewhere.

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