How to recover lost SMS, phone contacts from Android Samsung Galaxy S5 ?

SMS Texting has been an Important Option for communication by sending short messages. With the Use of Internet and rapid Increase in Tele communication the Use of SMS has been increased and there have been an Important Data in the SMS. So a SMS Handler and Recover is necessary for a Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy s5 of Android Operating system. Here is the Process to Recover Lost SMS and Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5.

Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android is a Amazing Software tool for Android which enables you to recover the Lost Data like SMS and Contacts from your Samsung Galaxy S5.

lost phone contacts android

Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android – Data Recovery Tool

Coolmuster Lab.fone for Android is an Information Recovery Software for the Android Telephones. With the assistance of this we can back up the Information that has been lost in the Samsung galaxy s5. You can erase the information from the inside memory or the SD card or return the lost information from them. Check what they can do.
  • You can be able to recover all the information you lost on your Samsung Galaxy s5 Phone like SMS, Media. And Contacts through Samsung Contacts Recovery software.
  • Even the SIM messages that have been deleted from your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile can be recovered by this tool.
  • Since the interface of this tool is GUI, the managing and handling of this Application is easy to work in a simpler way.

Steps To Recover the LOST SMS, Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5

Now, I’m going to demonstrate you on How to recover your lost SMS messages and deleted contacts on your Samsung galaxy S5 Mobile phone. By following these three simple steps you will be able to recover the lost data of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

lost phone contacts android
There can be many reasons that Causes the lost of the Data in Samsung Galaxy s5, It can be due to Water hazard, Phone rooting, Screen Breakage… Etc. Since we have this amazing tool we will be able to recover the data in a 3 Simpler steps.
  • Connect the Android phone to your Personal computer and Run the “ Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android ” Application to start the Task.
  • After you finished connecting the device and Run the software and then Click on SCAN which will scan your Samsung Galaxy S5 and backups the deleted files.
  • Once the SCAN is finished you will be able to see the preview of the deleted files that have been recovered by the Software. You can select them depending on the File type and save to your System drive.

Extra Features Of Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

Multiple File extensions can be restored in this software of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile. The One of the Special feature of this software is we can be able to recover multiple file types. Usually there are 2 Memory locations Internal Memory and External SD Memory. This software enables you to recover the Data from both locations.
  • No modification and tampering to the Data will be occurred during the recovery of the lost SMS and Contacts.
  • Once after recovery of the process is completed you can export them to the computer and Preserve them for further use.

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