Why I Bought a New Webcam – Logitech C910 Review

So I’ve been debating for awhile whether or not to purchase a new webcam.  Well…I FINALLY caved and purchased a new one!!!

logitech c910 review

I always figured that the built-in webcam on my Macbook Pro was enough to get me through all the content creation that I could ever want to create.  Well, after experimenting with the process recently, I discovered that the quality wasn’t quite up to par with what I was looking for.

I just needed something more powerful…especially for the separate desktop setup that I had going on.

After much contemplation, I finally settled upon the webcam Logitech C910.  I figured…it was about time for some Full HD 1080p Video =)

Creating videos has been something that I’ve been neglecting for awhile now.  I’ve always liked to stay somewhat low key, both in real life and also via the Internet.  Well, judging by this website that I’ve created here, so much for trying to stay low key.

The Internet is a GAME CHANGER.  Not only does it help to get your message out to the world, but it also CONNECTS you to the world.  More importantly though, it allows you to foster and grow relationships.

Compared to written text or even audio, video is the one thing that actually simulates being in front of a person.  That…and it can actually allow others to get to know you better, given that you’re not totally nervous in front of the webcam =)

So the lesson for today…if you aren’t currently incorporating video marketing for your business, definitely check it out.  Who knows.  You could be the next superstar on the web! Read More Here….

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