How to Change the Drupal Favicon

Went a bit in circles one day trying to figure out how to change the favicon for a drupal site ...
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google spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets – Very First Impression

I gave Google Spreadsheets a whirl today. My impression is an overwhelming "Eh…". First the good. I'm amazed by what ...
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nokia 6682 review

Nokia 6682 Review

I’m really not a negative person, but I find myself complaining a lot. I think there are a couple reasons ...
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(Ogre) Embedding Python in C++ Example

I decided that I want to find a good way to put Python in my C++ Ogre applications. Now, one ...
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Psyco and PyPy

After working with an issue in PyOgre I decided to take a closer look at Psyco (the Python JITer). Taking ...
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