Learn Python the Hard Way Course Review: Struggling with lists and arrays

I haven’t had a chance to post quite as frequently lately, mostly due to work or social obligations. Otherwise I have been pushing my way through the Learn Python the Hard Way course, but I’ve found myself struggling with the code in a way that I wasn’t before. I’m up to the point where we are discussing lists and arrays, and it has just been very technical and a little difficult to grasp. I’m determined to get through it and understand but that has required a little bit of old-fashioned study tools.

learn python the hard way review

I had planned on using the composition notebooks that I had bought to take notes after classes had started but it turns out they are quite useful even now! I find that it’s helpful for me to tackle difficult concepts by writing notes about what a certain function does, or, especially in the case for lists and arrays, what certain functions do when they work together. At the very least copying things by hand helps for me to commit concepts to memory.

Besides attempting to at least try to memorize the functions I’m struggling with I am also trying to learn through application. Of course I have been turning to Codewars. Besides just sorting the challenges by skill level I can sort them by tag as well, “lists” and “arrays” lately. I want to continue to work with these kinds of problems until I have a better grasp on them, after that I will move forward!

I’m getting close to the end of the Learn Python the Hard Way lessons (less than 15 to go) but I bet that from now on they will be much more of a struggle than they had been. But like I said, I’m determined to understand these concepts and I’m ready to practice until I get it!

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