Is Your Ladder Against The Wrong Wall? – Finding Life Purpose In What You Do

Are you finding life purpose in what you do? Or is your ladder leaning against the wrong wall?

All too often, people spend so much time climbing the ladder in life that when they finally reach the top, they find out that their ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.  Is this you?

One of the things that I’ve learned while working with T. Harv Eker and Michael E. Gerber is the importance of following your heart and being open to your true calling in life.  In life, everyone is here for a reason and has a mission during their time on this Earth.  Find your reason for living and know your mission in life.  When you start living your mission, the doors to life INSTANTLY swing wide open as you begin to live into your purpose.  This is the ultimate secret to feeling fulfilled, happy, and successful.

 finding life purpose in what you do

So how do you know if you are finding life purpose in what you do?

How do you know if you are living your mission here on Earth?  How do you know if your ladder is up against the right wall?

For many people, this is a process that takes time.  It may require climbing several different ladders over the course of your lifetime in order to discover the answers hidden inside your heart.  Sometimes the answer is revealed quickly after only a few years.  Other times, the answer may not come for 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years.

For others, the process may be quicker.  They may know INSTANTLY without a shadow of a doubt what their calling was while growing up.  If this is you, kudos to you.  You are one of the lucky ones.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably somewhere in the middle.  You may have an idea of what your mission in life is, but you either need more clarity OR you need more  direction on how to turn it into a viable business venture.

If you find yourself at this stage in life where you are seeking clarity in your life, then I invite you to come check out the Dreaming Room, Michael E. Gerber’s School for New Entrepreneurs.

Are you finding life purpose in what you do today?

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