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As I continue my journey through the Dreaming Room with Michael Gerber, each day I become awakened to a part of me that I never knew existed.  At times, I wonder to myself, “where has this awareness been?  Why did it take so long to be awakened to the realization that there is so much more to life than meets the eye?”  Other times, I close my eyes and just say thanks for the opportunity to learn from the #1 Small Business Guru of all time.

The following is from Michael Gerber’s book Awaken the Entrepreneur Within (pg 147-148).  It was shared by a fellow Dreaming Room Facilitator.  It is the essence of The Dreaming Room and of life.

“I want to create a world of meaning. I want to contribute to that by inventing a new business prototype that will exceed anything I have ever done. It will do what it does exactly as I perceive it. It will be a business of meaning. It will produce cashflows from the very beginning in excess of what it costs to produce that cash flow.

The business I am inventing will make a demonstrable difference in people’s lives. I will make that difference the point of my Story. My Story will describe that business to a T.  People will say when they hear my Story, “Wow, how do you do that?”  And I will tell them exactly how we do that.  But even more important, I will tell them why we do that.

My Story will get better and better each time I tell it.  It will become the passion that fuels my life.  I will see myself as a leader in the world of people making a difference in the world.  I will seek out those people who make a difference in the world to tell them my Story, and to ask them to tell me theirs.  I will seek out great Stories everyday and in every way possible.  I will build a personal library of great stories and read one of them at the beginning of every day and at the end of every day to fuel my life with their passion.

I am a writer of great Stories.  I believe in the power of great stories.  I believe in the power of great Stories as they are told by great teachers of great Stories.  I am dedicated to becoming a great author of my great Story and a great teacher of great Stories, mine and every other great teacher’s great Story.

I live to inspire human beings to live great lives.  I am committed to the Path of Greatness not for myself, but for those who will be profoundly affected by it.  For those who will follow me on that path.  For those who are hurting for want of a great Story, a great path, a great calling.  I will create such a great path, such a great Story, such a great calling as I write my great Story, as I invent my great path.

I envision a world of great warriors.  Inner warriors, not outer warriors.  Inner warriors who are equally committed to the Great Path.  Inner warriors who are committed to leading the Great Life.  Inner warriors who are committed to write their great Story, to tell their great Story, to create their great path, to live the great life, the life of a great warrior.”

-Michael E. Gerber (Awakening the Entrepreneur Within)

I hope that it touches you to push and strive each day to create a life and a business of meaning.  So the question at the end of the day is as follows: Does your business make a demonstrable difference in people’s lives?  Are you committed to creating a life and a business that comes from a place of passion, purpose, and creativity?

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