Inspirational Business Quotes – Blair Singer on Being Real

You want inspirational business quotes?  Well, here you all go!  Ask and you will receive!

Today’s quote is about “being real” …

“The biggest fear most people have is the fear of looking foolish in front of others.” – Blair Singer

The majority of the time, this is the only thing that stands in the way between you and authenticity.  When you’re really you, which is what most people truly want to see, you have a chance to access all of the strengths that are inside you, to be who you really are.

That is when you’re most effective because you’re coming from a place of power.  You’re coming from your true self, which is most natural.  In essence, you’re coming from the heart and a place of sincerity.

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For the better part of my life, this was one of the areas that I struggled with.  I always felt like I had to put on a front when around people.

Depending on who I hung around or what type of setting I was in, I always felt like I had to “ACT” a certain way.

Looking back at it now, by me “ACTING” a certain way, often times, that didn’t bode well for me.  Whether it was in a business setting (meetings, networking events, speaking with investors) or in my personal life (hanging around certain friends), there were definitely times where I was guilty of looking foolish or having to act a certain way.  It robbed me of my spontaneousness, my energy, passion, and my genuine love for others.

By having to “ACT” a certain way, I wasn’t able to access my “true self”.  As a result, I wasn’t able to build as strong of a connection as I wanted to with people because I was always so caught up in how others would perceive me.

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Have there been instances in your life where you felt like you had to act a certain way when DEEP DOWN INSIDE you wanted to let loose and “just be yourself”?

We’d love to hear your personal story.

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