4 Tips in How to Watch a VOB Video

Video photoVOB is a DVD video file which means that it will only play if you put the DVD in a DVD ROM. VOB file can be an audio track or movie that has subtitles. It can also offer menu selection for the DVD content.

Usually, the disc that contains the VOB file is copyright protected so you cannot copy the files to your computer. The following are 4 tips on how you can watch a VOB video. 

  1. Play the VOB Video with an Unencrypted Media Player

The easiest way to watch a VOB video is to play it on a media player that is unencrypted. Both VLC Player and MPC-HC can play VOB video files. You must open the VOB file in the VIDEO_TS folder on the media player.

  1. Convert the VOB Files with a Free Converter

Another option is to convert the VOB files in the DVD. This is the best option for people who want to watch the video on a mobile device like Android. VOB is not supported on Android.

If you try to play it on your Android, you will get a warning message which says that there is no app that can carry out the action. Most of the DVD is protected by copyright so you can’t extract them and play it directly on a media player that supports VOB file.

The files will become corrupted if you try to copy them from the disc to another place. The solution is to use a video converter to convert the VOB file into another supported format like MP4.

  1. To do this, you need to have a DVD ROM, and a video converter. You can just use the open source VLC player to convert the VOB files in the DVD. VLC player lacks the controls for adjusting the video quality and reducing video size to save storage space.

Using VLC player is the best solution if your goal is just to watch the video and quality of the video is not too important to you. When you open VLC, you must go to Media > Convert/Save. When the Open Media window appears, click on the Disc tab and check the DVD box.

In the Disc Device, you must click on the Browse button to locate the file in the DVD disc. You can select the title and chapter in the Starting Position. You have the option of selecting which subtitles to include in the Audio and Subtitles section.

The language of the subtitles can also be selected under this tab. When you are ready to convert, just like on the Convert button. The default format it will convert your VOB file to is H.264+MP3 (MP4).

Another leading free video converter is Handbrake. Handbrake offers more options for tweaking the video but it is hard to use and not suitable for novices.

When you open Handbrake, you must click on the Source button to locate the VOB file. You can select the destination path of the video file by clicking on the Browse button. Under Output Settings, you must select MP4 as the destination format in the drop-down menu.

Finally, you can click on the Start button to start the conversion process.

  1. Convert VOB to MP4 with a Commercial Video Converter

VLC player always runs into the issue of lagging when you are in the middle of converting the files in the DVD. Therefore, you may consider getting a commercial video converter like Movavi Video Converter to convert VOB to MP4.

Commercial video converter is easier to use – it does not have complicated steps to follow like the free video converter. All you need to do is to put in your DVD in the ROM and press a button to convert the files to MP4.

The software is easier to use. When you launch it, first click on the + Add Media button. You will see a drop-down menu where you are to select the Add DVD option.

If you already load the disc into the drive, you will see it when you select the Add DVD menu. You are to click on it and it will load all the VOB files inside the disc on the open file zone. You can select which files you want to convert by checking the box beside them.

Next, you must select MP4 under the Video tab and press the Convert button. There are different resolution sizes to choose from the original size to 1440p. It only takes 1 – 2 minutes for the VOB file to be converted into MP4.

  1. Burn the VOB to a DVD

You have some VOB files you download from somewhere and you would like to play it on a DVD ROM when you are in the car. In this case, you will have to use a DVD burner to burn the VOB files.

Burning a disc is harder than converting it to another format with a video converter as there are a lot of steps. You can use a free DVD burner software called ImgBurn to burn the VOB files in the VIDEO_TS folder onto a DVD.

When ImgBurn is launched, you must choose the Write files/folders to disc option on the welcome screen. In the Build Mode, you can make an image of the VOB files with all the original DVD features.

Next, you are to click on the Browser for a folder button on the right to locate the VIDEO_TS folder. When you click the VIDEO_TS folder, all the VOB files will be included in the image burning procedure.

When you click the Calculate button, it will show you how big the image file will be when it is burned. It will also let you know whether you should use a single or dual layer disc to burn the image file. After that, you must insert the recommended disc type and choose ISO9660+UDF in the Options.

In Labels, you must enter a name for your new burn DVD. The name you enter must not have any spaces in between. Now, click the copy button so that the labels will be entered in the applicable fields. When the DVD is burned, you can play it on the DVD player that supports burned discs.

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