How to Retrieve Files From Windows Old Folder for Vista

The information contained in this article is useful to those that have installed the Windows Vista operating system using the “custom” installation and would like to know how to retrieve files from Windows old folder for Vista.

When you perform a Custom Installation of Windows Vista, replacing a Windows XP installation. The old operating systems files will be created automatically in a Windows.old folder. This article will instruct users how they can retrieve their personal files from the Windows.old file once their Windows Vista installation has been successfully installed.

The Windows.old folder contains the following from your replaced Windows XP installation:
Windows XP files
Documents and Settings
Program Files

How To Locate The Windows.old Folder:

When the Windows.old folder is created in Windows Vista, here is where it can be found:

Go to Start
Type: drive:\windows.old in the Instant Search text box.
Click to open the Windows.old file from the Programs list.
Note: You may be required to supply an Administrators password to access this folder.

Restore XPs My Documents Folder to Vista:

This is the most commonly restored folder from the old installation due to it typically having most of the personal files stored. It is advisable when restoring this folder to place it in Windows Vista’s “Documents” folder. However, you can relocate this folder where-ever you would like.

Here’s how to restore the old My Documents folder:

Locate your Windows.old folder.
Open Windows.old and locate:

Documents and Settings\UserName

Right click the My Documents folder and select “Cut”.
Go to Start>> Documents.
Right click the Documents folderand select “Paste”.
Your XP My Documents folder will now reside in the Documents folder of Windows Vista.

Restore other personal files located in your Windows.old folder in the same mannor as outlined above. Once you are finished restoring all of the files that you need, you can safely delete the Windows.old folder.

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