How to Merge Your Facebook Pages


Are you having two or more facebook pages with lots of likes and you want to merge them both  and you don’t know what to do and how to do so , you are searching for how to merge your pages on google search, then here is your solution.

To merge your facebook pages :

  • Log in to your facebook account.
  • Go to
  • On the first dropdown menu list click the page you want to keep , and on the second dropdown menu list click the page you want to merge with the page listed on first drop down menu.
  • Click on merge pages
  • If your pages can be able to merge, then click on confirm.If it says, these pages can’t be merged or if you want more pages to be merged in one page then follow the below process:
  • After you log in to your facebook account
  • Go to this link :
  • On that click on the page you want to keep on first dropdown menu
  • On the below dropdown menu lists click on pages upto 5 pages you want to be merged on your original page.
  • Now click Submit.

That’s it, now Facebook will reply to your support inbox about the details when the merge will complete. I hope this article helps you in merging your Facebook pages. If you like this article share it with your friends and on social media to help your friends in merging their Facebook pages.

If you have any doubts or unable to merge your Facebook pages please comment below, I will help you out of this. Thank You.


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