How to Get Ideas for Your Writing

Some writers have a hard time coming up with ideas while others seem to get so many ideas that they can barely keep up with it. I’m one of those who gets (I don’t want to say too many) a boatload of ideas. They used to seem to come from nowhere, but now I see that my every day life inspires these ideas for me. Plus, my hubby comes up with a new story idea every day. I have a fishbowl filled with scraps of papers from his ideas!

5 Ways to Get Ideas for Your Writing:

1. Watch the news with a notepad and pen in hand. Personally, I despise watching the news. It gives me nightmares. However, if I’m watching it because nothing else is on the ideas flood in through some of the better stories they come up with.

2. Read anything and everything. Books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, blogs… Reading other’s work can help you get more ideas for your writing. Subscribe to the magazines in which you want to be published. Take a trip to the library or bookstore and stroll the sections in which you are interested in writing. For me, the library is a sacred place. I love to go there alone and pace the aisles or just sit in the quiet and write or read. It opens up my mind for some great ideas.

3. Enjoy a movie or good television show. When my husband and I first got together he loved watching movies. I loved to read. The only thing that has changed is that now I love movies almost as much as I love reading. In the middle of a fantastic movie I will be struck with an idea and have to write it down that instant.

4. Use life experience. All of my essays come from my life experience. It could even be the way I feel about something only at that time. Being a mother, wife, writer, and martial artist have all brought out ideas for my writing. Life experiences such as grief, anger, sadness, and happiness all bring out ideas.

5. Google the topic. If you’re seeking an idea for a certain topic and you need some help Google can spring up some ideas. If I’m stuck on some ideas for a piece on entrepreneurship I’ll enter some phrases into Google. The results help me get some more ideas.

Tips for Getting Ideas:

Keep a notepad and pen with you at all times. I have one on my nightstand, one on the end table in the living room, and one in my tote.

Write it down immediately or you could lose the idea for good.

Brainstorm freely. Write them down even if you think they are stupid. You have to get through the mediocre ideas before you discover that idea you can sell.

How do you get your best ideas for your writing?

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