How to Gain More Followers on Twitter for Free

You need twitter followers? So now you are wondering how to gain more followers on twitter for free?  You think twitter is just a celebrity thing? Don’t think of that. I have some great twitter directories, by using them you can get lots of twitter followers. This is the easiest way to gain twitter followers. Twitter directories helps to grow your twitter following just by adding profile in directories. These twitter directories rank your twitter profile according to your interest, tags, keywords, etc.

Recently  I was reading an article on “ Importance of getting Twitter Followers” and I realized that Getting Twitter followers these days is really important. Especially After Google’s Humming Bird Algorithm. I started searching on google for Getting Twitter followers easily. While searching I found the way to get legitimate twitter followers through Twitter directories.  I signed up for these directories and heck yeah!! I am getting some good twitter followers in no time. Then I decided to share these with you. I’ve compiled the list of top 7 twitter directories which can help you to get legitimate twitter followers.

how to gain more followers on twitter for free

Why Twitter Directories Are Helpful?

Twitter directories  are the Website to Get More Followers on twitter. which can be helpful to you in various ways such as:-

  • #1. To Gain Followers:

To gain more twitter followers, you just have to list your profile on twitter directories, other users of directory can find you and follow you based on the interest, tag or keyword you used. If you used tag or keyword ‘Tech’ in your profile, other users interested in ‘Tech’ category may find and follow you. By this simple way you can get twitter followers for free.

  • #2. Find and Follow interesting peoples :

If you are a twitter addict and want to discover some cool twitters users from your niche, these directories can be really helpful to you. You can find some cool guys out there and start following them. If you are interesting techies, you may see ‘tech’ category to find cool twitter guys.

  • #3. Trusted and Fast :

These twitter directories are known as the trusted ones. You can get absolutely original twitter followers. No bots, No spam. If you want to get twitter followers fastly, you have option to sponser your profile, these can help you get twitter followers really fast.

Increase twitter followers

I have listed best twitter directories you must use in order to get
more twitter followers.

  1.  WeFollow :

WeFollow is started back in 2009 by Kevin Rose of Digg. Currently, WeFollow is most popular twitter directory on the web. WeFollow is known as the  Best Twitter User Directory. WeFollow classifies their users on the basis of tags used by them and the number of followers they have.

  •  JustTweetIt :

JustTweetIt is just another popular twitter directory. This directory has really simple interface. JustTweetIt categorizes twitter profiles based on the category used by you while registering with them.

Twellow is known as the Yellow Pages of the twitter. Twellow known as the biggest twitter directory on the web. Twellow has more than 25 million twitter users with thdm.

Twibs is a twitter directory for businesses. Twibs allows you to list your company twitter account and get more twitter followers on your account.

Twitaholic is a twitter directory that lists your profile on the basis of number of followers you have. These is also a free to use twitter directory.

Twiends is also one of the interesting Twitter Directory Sites . Twiends lists your twitter profile on the basis of the three tags you provided to them. Provide relevant tags about your niche to get more exposure and get free followers.

TweetFind is an simplest and powerful twitter directory. TweetFind is known as the simple version of the yellow pages for twitter. Also, TweetFind uses same method to rank your twitter profile. They use categories and tags to list you in certain categories.

That’s great that I am using these twiiter directories personally and seeing a good  rise in my twitter followers. Although I am not so good at using twitter, still I am getting  really good response from my twitter followers which I got from above twitter directories. So, these are the top popular free twitter directories over the web. I missed any popular twitter directory here? You know some of Them? Feel
free to comment!

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