Hack images on any page with Math and JavaScript

JavaScript is recently very popular scripting language. It powers the most popular Web 2.0 applications with a combination of web development technique called AJAX.

However, if you thought that JavaScript can be used only by web developers I must defeat you. Below this paragraph you will find 2 snippets of JavaScript code that you can just copy and paste to your browser address bar and you will see the power of Math and JavaScript.

But before I show you the snippets do the following:

  1. Open some web page with images e.g. http://images.google.com
  2. Search for whatever you like e.g. hacks
  3. Copy and paste one of the following snippets:


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As you can see there can be much of fun with this 1 line of code. You can also freely modify the it and discover some other cool image motions. Please share them with us!

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