Google Announces Android Studio: Android Developers

Google, without a doubt, rules the internet. If Google is down, probably most of the internet will lose a system in some sense. But that’s not all; Google is increasing its computing/internet territory and is accumulating unprecedented domination over the internet every moment.

Recently, Google launched a new tool called “the Android Studio”, a completely new developer suite for application developers. This suite, like most of other services of Google, is absolutely free!

This tool has very advanced options for android development. Now android developers will be able to develop the android applications faster and in an easy way; automatically increasing their productivity.

Google took the help from Jetbrains, the creator of today’s most advanced Java IDEs (Integrator Developer Environment).

Features of Google Android Studio:

1. Advanced Graphical User interface (GUI):

Over the years, website development has become very easy. People do not need any code knowledge to develop websites nowadays. Soon, the case will be same with android development. And to achieve that, Google Android Studio will have a huge contribution.

In this suite, there are advanced options such as dragging-and-dropping. Also, while coding, simultaneously one can preview how the layout will look in different devices. Which, by the way,  is never possible with general coding.

2. Open source software

This suite is an open source software and programs can program it to as per they need. So, if you desire to make some changes, you can make them, too. Google’s this step is going to take the android development to a whole new different level.

3. Strong Code editing platform

There is a strong code editor in this suite. Based on Intellij IDEA, this editor, facilitates a lot of cool features like deep static code analysis, advanced code refactoring and smart editing.

Deep static code analysis helps the developers to identify the bugs very easily. And henceforth, they can correct it with ease. Intellij IDEA has in itself a lot of inspection tools. But to make it more effective and powerful, Google has added its own inspection tools, too. This includes the addition of metadata to the android of APIs that identifies the methods that can return null and which cannot, and so on. Android studio can easily find out errors after using this data. Now this is what simplifies the work of every developer.

Smartcode makes it easier to read your code and hence, it is easier to make changes. Advanced code refactoring helps you transform the code easily and promptly.

4. Handy Google Services

You might need some help while developing an application or you might want to share your creation with other developers. This suite has Google tools built within that makes this very easy.

  • There are several other lint tools that help in recognizing usability and version compatibility.
  • Common Android designs and other small components’ developed is simplified with the use of template bases wizards.

Android Studio is in a first stage development and is currently available as an early access preview. If you want to develop applications, then the bugs might not be detected properly. However, if you are easy with this and other undeveloped features, you can give it a try.

DOWNLOAD FROM HERE (Total Size – 364 MB)

With the introduction of Android Studio, Google has ensured to re-define the Android Development system. Obviously, it will take technology to a new level as everyone with general interest for android development will be able to develop an application on his/her own.

I am going to definitely try this once… Are you?

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