The Best Methods to Find an Anonymous Proxy


During the connection of HTTP, the computer’s IP address will be compulsorily transmitted for the purpose of getting back the information. This also permits the server to recognize the basis of the request of the web.

The personal information about the user of the computer can be gathered by the web resource with the help of the distinctive IP address and the ID of the user in the internet.

The web resource can also monitor the user’s interests on reading and it can also spy him and log his requests for the third parties. Some of the internet resource owners also impose restrictions for the users from some countries or from some of the geographical regions.

The anonymous proxy server acts as a middle man between the web browser of the user and the end server. Here, the user will not contact the server directly to get the web page. The web browser communicates with the proxy and in turn the proxy forwards the request to the server.

Then the proxy will receive a reply from the end server who in turn will give back the reply to the browser. Thus, there will not be any communication directly between the user and the end server and appears like the HTTP request that is originated from the transitional proxy server. Now, the only path available to track the connection to the source client will be to contact the logs that are available on the anonymous web proxy.

The anonymous proxy server can prevent the user’s identity by just stripping the request of all the information regarding the identity by serving as a middle man between the user’s web browser and the end server.

The other wide spread use of the anonymous proxies are to contact the sites that are generally blocked by the user upstream ISP. For example, the web proxies are frequently used by the people to contact the sites that are censored by the government or by his company or organization.

Anonymous web proxy is a kind of proxy server which works in the course of a web form. It is also called as a CGI proxy. In this case, the user has to straight away navigate to the web home page rather than configuring the IP address in the browser which is generally done in the proxies of HTTP or the SOCKS.

The web proxies conceal the identity of the user from all the sites he visits and thus keep the cookies in their sites. After completion of each session the same is deleted and also the scripts and images are removed.

When a person wants to use the web proxy, he has to visit the home page of the web browser and just type the web address and click go. The proxy will make all the requests for him and the web site viewed by the user will have only the IP address and the details regarding the proxy server and not of the user.

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