5 Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

In the post recession scenario every technical field and related professions are being seen with a renewed importance and many engineering specialties are emerging as the fastest growing engineering fields in demand right now. Now professionals of different fields are expected to cope up with the changing technological environment faster than previously assumed.

Moreover, the professionals of today, specially those who are working in the fields which has a direct bearing on the scientific and technological innovations and research, like engineering or computer science, are more and more expected to take positive participation in the new and newer paths of technological innovations and applications.

This is one of the most vital development in relation to various career orientations of the discipline of engineering. With these new demands the education in the discipline of engineering has become more rigorous in respect of fostering fostering new thoughts and innovative ideas and simultaneously engineering degree programs in various specialisations suddenly became popular.

Though not all specialisations of engineering promises same level of career opportunity and growth, some them really offers quality career exposure in a very short span of time and this is the reason behind their subsequent popularity. We are hereby going to introduce some of the most popular engineering specialisations.

Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

Petroleum Engineering

According to bureau of labor statistics, this is the most high paying engineering disciplines. The median salary of a petroleum engineer is $98,300, per annum, which comes among the highest paid bracket of professionals. There numerous premiere institutions offering bachelor degree program in petroleum engineering. Some of the top institutions offering bachelor degree in the specialisation of petroleum engineering include,  University of Texas Austin, Stanford University, Colorado School of Mines, Pennsylvania State University, Louisiana State University, etc. Petroleum engineers are taught in the working Specialisations of withdrawal, exploration, storage and transport of fossil fuels and maintenance of standard procedures in all these.

Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

Nuclear Engineering

As nuclear energy is slowly becoming one of the viable alternative to the traditional energy resources, nuclear energy is gaining much more importance nowadays. Nuclear engineering now considered to be one of the highest paying professional disciplines with a median annual salary of a nuclear engineer standing at a figure of $90,220. Being one of the most popular engineering specialisations, it features in the bachelor degree curriculum of many top universities and institutions like, University of Florida, Pennsylvania State University, Texas A&M University, Ohio State University, University of Illinois etc.

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Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

Computer Hardware Engineering

This specialisation permanently features among the most popular engineering specialisations because of the leading role that our country plays in the advancement and technological growth of computer hardware and related fields. After long years of its contribution in the economic growth of the country, this is still a field which bears a lot of promises. The median salary of a computer hardware engineer is $88470 per annum, which is worth considering as one of the high paying professional distinctions. Some of the top institutions offering bachelor degree programs in computer hardware engineering include, Abilene Christian University, University of Missouri, University of Texas, Dallas, San Jose State University, University of Florida, Michigan State University, etc.

Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

Aerospace Engineering

For ages this specialisation features in any list of top or most popular engineering Specialisations in the country, definitely because of the high paying career that this engineering specialisation offers. According to the bureau of statistics the median salary of an aerospace engineer stands at $87610 per annum. Some of the top institutions offering bachelor program in aerospace engineering are, Arizona State University, Ohio State University, University of Central Florida, University of Minnesota Twin cities, University of Texas at Austin, etc.

Fastest Growing Engineering Fields

Electronics Engineering

This is one field which plays almost a central role in the global warfare of consumer durables and consumable electronic goods. This is the reason behind its successive growth in being one of the highest paying engineering field for so many years. The median salary of electronics engineer stands at a whopping figure of $81050, which is one of the smartest in consideration to other engineering disciplines. The bachelor degree programs in this one of the most popular engineering specialisation are offered by many well known universities like, Florida State University, University of California, Arizona State University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, etc.

Beyond the most popular engineering specialisations mentioned above, there are a great number of engineering specialisations which promises a decent career opportunity and growth, but these specialisations at this moment are drawing highest number of career aspirants for a bachelor degree in engineering placing them in my top 5 fastest growing engineering fields to enter.

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