Facebook Tracks You Even After Logging Out

Everyone knows that Facebook is the world’s best and top leading social networking site presently. It is one of the most used/surfed website today from all over the world.  People create accounts here and join with new friends worldwide and share their views to each other. But is it safe to use Facebook? Have you ever wondered that Facebook will track your every surfed web page? Are you safe even you are logged out of your account? Many questions have arrived after the discovery of the Offline Tracking System of Facebook.

Nik Cubrilovic, an Australian Technologist stated that Facebook the world’s top leading social networking site tracks every web page any user surfs even if they have logged out of their account.

Whenever any user surfs on Internet, the cookies track them but when they close the tab, the cookies were deleted automatically. But according to Cubrilovic the tracking cookies were not deleted after using Facebook but they get modified to USER INFORMATION TRACKING COOKIES and track the information of every web page surfed by the user even if he/she logged out.

It means that a user is not safe even he/she is logged out from Facebook. Simply, you can say that when you visit any link or ad from facebook side widget, the browser sends your private information back to Facebook.

Nik Cubrilovic stated in a blog post that the only solution to overcome the tracking system is to delete every cookie of the browser or to use another browser for all Facebook Interactions. Otherwise, the whole criteria continues and your private info will be tracked every time you use Facebook and any user don’t want so.

Cubrilovic also tried to connect to Facebook Team to tell them his new foundation but do not got any response from the Facebook Team. Then, what it means?

This is a great discovery by Nik Cubrilovic as this tracking system has so many risks of the users privacy and personal information. Maybe this is one of the reason why facebook accounts are hacking day by day on a large scale. Facebook Team must have to look upon this and remove it for users privacy.

The main problem is that how much time Facebook Team takes to overcome this tracking system for the privacy of users or to give the users suitable tips to reduce the OFFLINE TRACKING SYSTEM. So, what is the difference in “log in and log out”.

Is “logged out” really means “logged out” now?

Facebook have to answer for this as soon as possible. Lets see what happens in future.

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