How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on Facebook in India

two factor authentication facebook
Password is not enough sometimes for growing technology, when we try to resolve a security threat then many other threats arise with the rising technologies. This increases the risks of our precious data. Most of the top websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc  are always being the top target for hackers around the globe.

There are many deadly ways like Phishing , spear phishing, social engineering , Malware injection etc by which malicious people can obtain your credentials and gain access your account . So by using a strong password and implementing SSL layer in server is not enough to protect your account.

Most of the sites have implemented two factor authentication system for their users . Facebook has implemented this technology too in most of the countries but they has not allocated this two factor authentication system for Indian users , this may be because India has the one of the highest number of Facebook users which can be tough to handle by the servers. But there is an alternative way to activate this feature by using proxies of another country where two factor authentications for Facebook is available.

How to enable Two Factor Authentication on Facebook in India

First of all your task is to hunt down some proxies of different country and note down the proxy and port number in a safe place. Just Google for “Free Proxy List” and you can see there are lots of websites that have lists of proxies. One of my favorite place is  . Please prefer those proxies which has least connection time and high connection speed else you will face trouble in connectivity. If you face any connection issue then you may try different proxy and port numbers.

Now we will set up the above noted proxy in the browser that we use to surf the internet. For demonstration I am using Chrome.

Goto Settings ==> Advance Settings ==> Change Proxy Settings ==>Lan Settings
Enable the “Proxy Server” and now enter the proxy and port the in the give space that you have acquired in the previous step . click on “apply” and “ok

(If you cannot browse any webpages after setting up the proxy then try with different proxy.)

Now you have a Taiwan IP which means now Facebook will assume you that your connection in origination from Taiwan. Now Login to your Facebook account, move over to Account settings ==> Security.

Now click on “Login Approvals”  and enable the check-box “Require security code to access my account from unknown browser “.

On the next step click on “Get Started”  and you can see your mobile number where Facebook will send you the activation code. Wait few seconds , you will receive a code which you have to enter into the box to activate mobile number and enable two factor authentication .

Now you have to revert back the browser’s settings to default.  go back to browser setting and disable the proxy. Now surf the internet as you normally do.

This is not the true process as this option is not available in Facebook  by default in this country but when it is the matter of our account’s security then it is OK to disobey few rules.

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