Embed Your Powerpoint Presentation into Website or Blog

With the launch of Microsoft’s Office 365 (Complete Office in the Cloud) and Skydrive, it has become extremely easy to embed your Powerpoint or excel document in your website or blog. I recently came across this feature of Skydrive and figured it out to be childs play to embed my document in webpage or blog. You can have a look the below presentation to see gow to go about if you want to embed powerpoint into website.

The best part is that you are not required to update the code everytime your files are changed. It automatically updates the relevant code to display the updated document.

You will require the following set of tools:

1)      Skydrive account –  to upload the document

2)      Powerpoint – to create the presentation

3)      Website or blog where the presentation needs to be embedded

Create you presentation using the Microsoft Powerpoint (any version) and save the same in your Skydrive account. It would be best if you download the Skydrive setup on your local machine for easy uploading and editing of your file, else this is not a compulsion.

1)      Login to your online Skydrive account and open the file by clicking on it

2)      One you click on it, it will open in Microsoft Powerpoint Web App which is powered up by Microsoft Office 365. Here you can further edit the document if required

3)      Once done, go to File menu at the top left corner of the screen

4)      Click on Share Option and then select “Embed


embed powerpoint into website


5)      On the following screen, click on “Generate” button

6)      In the next screen you will get the code which needs to be embedded in your website or blog. You can change the screen size to fit the width of your blog or website.

7)      Once done, copy the code

8)      Paste this code in the html section your website or blog

9)      Save it and your embedded presentation is ready

Drop a comment below if you face any issue with this.

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