Deleted Images Can be Accessed on Facebook

Facebook is the world’s top leading social networking website today. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and launched in February 2004. The membership was initially limited to the people of age 13 or above. But reports said that there are 7.6 million children below 13 who have Facebook account in which 5 million are under 10.

Regular users of Facebook uploads their personal stuff like photos, videos etc in their account but they don’t know that they are under threat. Whenever any user uploads his/her photos, videos to facebook account they get syndicated to the other facebook servers as well without user’s permission even the user don’t know about this privacy access. And this is same in the case of deletion. This is a great blackhole in Facebook’s privacy system.

Why Facebook Images are Available Even After Deletion?

As you know; for easy, simple and quick access to users, Facebook have to work on Continent Distribution Network (CDN). So, whenever an user uploads his/her stuff especially images to Facebook, a lot of copies also becomes available on various local servers. That is why, when an user deletes an image from his facebook account, it would be deleted from the main account but remain on those local servers for approximately 2.5 years (30 months) and users can access the particular deleted image in future.

How to Access/Check Deleted Photos on Facebook?

Users probably try to access the photos after reading the article, so, there is the perfect step to step solution to access the deleted photos. But this can only be done if you know the proper URL of the image you deleted from your account. Now go step by step:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Then, open the image you want to delete from your account in New Tab
  3. After that, copy the URL of the photo to be deleted from the address bar of the browser
  4. Then, save/paste the URL in Notepad or any other source
  5. Now, right click on the photo
  6. Then, select Copy Image URL and also save/paste the URL into Notepad (This URL will be used later)
  7. Now, Delete the photo
  8. After that, paste the URL in the address bar which had been copied in the 3rd step,
  9. Then you will see an error message like this:
  1. Lastly, to access the deleted photo paste the URL in address bar which you have copied in 6th step.

Here, this is done. You have now access to view your deleted photo again.


So, if anyone knows your deleted photo URL, then, he/she have full power to access your deleted photo easily. If you liked this article, then you can Share it to others.

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