Crowdfunding – there’s a new player in town!

First of all, huge props to kickstarter – I’ve been in huge like with the idea idea since I first heard of it, and have been evangelizing it to entrepreneurial friends. BUT… it doesn’t work from Sweden, unfortunately!

Just last week the new platform Fundedbyme was launched, and YAY now the awesome possibility of crowdfunding is also open for us Northeners!! Since it’s actually open for any international project submission, I simply urge you all to give it a look right away.

Here’s a nice interview (in Swedish) with Daniel Daboczy, Fundedbyme’s founder, from one of Sweden’s biggest tech bloggers “tkj”.

photo © 2007 Mike | more info (via: Wylio)

These kinds of initiatives are perfectly aligned with my own attitude towards business – that it should be made simple, broken down in tiny concrete steps, and with lots of engagement and input from your market. Great work Daniel, and I look forward to launching exciting projects on your platform myself!

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