Choosing a Name for Your Food Blog

Launching your own food blog can be a challenging process if you don’t know where to begin. From blogging platforms to advertising and content issues, you might not know what options you have, or why you should choose them. This Series of blogging guides for beginners takes you through each of the decisions you will have to make before starting your own blog. how to start a food blog

Choosing a Blog Name

Your blog name is more important than you might think. There are search and conversion reasons. If your blog name is completely unrelated to your content, the URL and title will not draw in visitors. Also, having a blog name that is related to your content helps you to come up in search.

On the other hand, if you are planning on talking about something specific, your blog should not be titled exactly that keyword. A blog about ‘seafood dinners’ should not be titled ‘’ instead, try being creative with your blog title. ‘On the Seasshore’ with a tagline of ‘ Seafood Dinners’ or ‘Donna’s Seafood Dinners’ would be interesting, targeted, and come off as less spammy to search engines.

Taking into consideration that this is something you have chosen to do, the choice you make here will stick for the life of your blog so this is a major decision you wont want to have to change later.
Some steps to take to make this decision a more clear choice are explained below:

What is your subject?

Where food blogs are concerned you can wedge yourself into a corner by choosing a small category to blog on.

For instance there are many bloggers who only concentrate on small areas, such as Mexican cooking, Italian cooking, Indian cooking and so forth. While these areas of concentration can sometimes be vast, you are searching out a concentrated reader and limiting yourself to a smaller audience. While these concentrations can be a great base, you can broaden the category by making it a broader category by making it personal to your household.

Example: Nina’s Cucina
Traditional Italian Recipes with an American Flair
Heavy Italian reference in the Blog’s Name but a tagline that leaves room for something other than the concentration.

Remember there are things to consider. What terms are people using to search for your Food Blog? Why do they want to come to you for recipes and food advice? These are your keywords. These are the ‘triggers” to tell the search engines to point to your recipes because they fit what the reader / searcher is looking for. You need to feed the search engines those clues, those breadcrumbs to your site.

It’s like sending out a GPS signal. Your GPS cant find an address if it’s not on the map. Do what you can to get on the map from the start so you dont have to fight for your spot later.

Another reason to choose wisely when choosing a blog name: Names that are already in use.
Have you Googled the name you are thinking about? Have you thought of such an obscure name that no one would ever think to use it? Is that a good thing?
Here is an example of a good reason to do your homework. This poor woman didn’t register her Blog name, nor bought a domain because her blog was a “Hobby” and now she had to change everything and lost every bit of work she did to create Her Brand only to lose it to someone who came along later and just stole it. Gloria’s Story

Google, “Food“. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

There are 944,000,000 results for the Search Query “Food”. That means there are 944 million pieces of reading material listed on Google and marked with the keyword “Food”. That doesn’t take into consideration the others that don’t get “indexed” and those are many!

This is not a word you want to compete with. You want to find a smaller niche.
How about Recipe?
That’s a Great Word… Very Pointed. Exactly what you deliver, but again alot of search results with Recipes.

So recipes is something you want to keep in the back of your mind when we get to keywords and labels for your blog posts. Always use the word recipe as a keyword, label, tag, hashmark etc, when referring to your food blog of that’s what you provide. If you are a Food Blogger who concentrates on restaurant reviews that might not be so key for you.

Here are some other way to hone in on what your best choice could be:

When Googling your perspective names did you find a corporation with the same name?
Did you find a cookbook with the same name? Another Blog or Food product with the same name?

Those are things you want to avoid because of copyright issues. You don’t want to have hundreds of recipes and blog posts on a blog only to receive a “Cease and Desist” from “Adorable Cupcakes” Bakery telling you to change your blog’s name asap because it was their’s first and they have a trademark on it.

Take the time to do the leg work ahead of time to save yourself the headache later on.
Peruse Google, Facebook and so forth. Remember there are Facebook pages that provide recipes and don’t have a blog. They could be confused with your blog and not only take your readership but taint your authority. You want your image, your style, your authority to be your own.

Hope this helps.

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