Canon PowerShot SX130 IS Digital Camera Review

In the world of digital cameras, Canon has always been known as one of the brands that really provide photographers with some of the best tools in taking exceptional photos. With its full range of cameras available, Canon SX130 IS gives users a lot of options when it comes to which camera to go with.

When I was looking for the camera that I would eventually purchase, reading reviews really helped. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming to look at a full menu of choices without the help of people who have tried out the camera before.

Reading several reviews led me to the Canon Powershot SX130 IS, and we are just so lucky because the internet provides everything in detail.sx130 is

Canon Powershot SX130 IS Features

The compact digital camera reviews I was able to come across with really gave details with regards to the features that I was looking for. The Powershot SX130 IS comes with the following great features that really helped convince me to buy it:

  • High resolution

    The camera comes with a resolution of 12.1 megapixels, which is perfect for those who want high-resolution shots. For newbies, here’s some useful bit on pixels and megapixels.

  • 12x Zoom

    The lens is just as powerful with its capability of zooming in on the subject by as much as 12x.

  • 28 Predefined Shooting Situations

    Like most Canon digital cameras, this comes with a smart auto mode which makes it a lot easier for users.

    The mode chooses from 28 predefined shooting situations (includes 22 shooting modes and 12 special scene modes). This includes the Fisheye mode and other modes like Fireworks and the Poster Effect for maximum creativity.

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Canon Powershot SX130 IS Advantages

Even with all of these great features, I also needed to know the advantages of choosing the Powershot SX130 IS over others. Some of the Canon SX130 is reviews I read gave me this information, and this is why I really went for this model. Here are some of the most important advantages.

  • Flexible White Balance Settings

    White balance is something that a lot of photographers really look into because it affects the color and quality of the photos.

    With this camera, there are several white balance settings to choose from and this really proves to be advantageous for many. Among the settings are Fluorescent, Cloudy, Flash, Daylight, Tungsten and of course Auto. White balance can also be customized as the photographer pleases.

  • Large 3 inch LCD

    The high resolution plus the zoom is already a powerful combination, but to add to that is the large LCD, which is larger than most compact cameras.

    This allows users to really see a clear and crisp version of the photographs that are being taken, whether during the actual shooting or during playback.

Canon Powershot SX130 IS Disadvantages

The best digital camera reviews will mention not only the advantages but the disadvantages as well. The reason why there are different brands and models of cameras is that you can’t find everything in one camera and you’ll have to choose based on your priorities and preferences.

One disadvantage of the is that it comes with AA batteries. I personally prefer a rechargeable battery pack to AA batteries because I find using AA batteries wasteful, but the issue on batteries is actually a personal preference, because I know of some users that actually prefer the AA batteries because it gives them maximum flexibility.

This means that they can just bring a couple of spares and not worry about running out of power ever.

What Other Users Say About the Canon Powershot SX130 IS

Reading reviews not only helped me weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the camera, but it also helped me gain an insight on what other users say about it.

A  review that I read in Amazon said that for a compact camera, it has a lot of great features that one can usually only expect in a DSLR. This includes fast continuous shooting and excellent low light performance.

Read more customer reviews about the Canon Powershot SX130 IS here.

Overall, this camera is really one of the best I have ever come across with, and thanks to the reviews that I read, I would recommend it.

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