Can You Really Trust A Framework ?

If you are a PHP developer you will probably be pushed by everybody to learn how to use a framework to develop your application. But nobody tells you in a clear way what you’re going to obtain doing this.

For every developer who is in this phase of personal growth, this choice is never easy and the main reason is the fear of being conditionated by this link in a bad way.

In the journey of every PHP developer there’s always a moment when he has to make this choice and almost always is the same moment he finally finds the idea he wants to dedicate all himself seriously. He has no time to lose, he needs some advice to make the right choice.


What is an ASSET?

Before the technological revolution exploded were considere…


A building to rent

Gold and diamonds

A brevet

A fruitful company

Just to have an idea….

Sure this list is still good, but if we think today the biggest company in the world are Google, Facebook or Apple, we can easily understand that today it is easier to gain success with a software than using diamonds.

An ASSET is something with a great value that doesn’t need to be made with bricks or iron. And for a PHP developer the most valuable ASSET is to define a process.

Try to imagine how easier would be your job if you have a clear, defined work method that it’s repeatable and so even automatable.

The advice I give to my collaborator it’s this: Stop looking for tools or library to write less code. But find what can really help you to define the right process to solve specific issues in a long-term way. Find and build assets.


Software developers maybe are one of few group of people in this world who love what they do. Usually they study a lot and they use what they have studied so they can obtain big results if they focus on the right things.

A framework is the most important resource you have because it push you to work to make assets and to automate all your work processes.

For example if you study how to handle authentication and you do it using a framework, instead of coding directly, it doesn’t mean you’re losing your time, because you won’t do it in a repeatable way or without errors.

If you think about it the word framework suggest we’re talking of “Frame” (also schema) – “Work”.

Be against a good framework is like if a international team of experienced developers, who make applications for a successfull business give us an advice on how to set up our job and we say “no”.

Maybe, before we say “No, I don’t want bonds, I prefer to do things my way” we should think about it very well. Maybe the bond you’re trying to avoid that don’t lets you rise, could be you.


During my professional life I worked with all the main environments (PHP , Java, .NET), but just only with PHP and Laravel I saw an exponential growth of my productivity.

Laravel is a developing envirorment perfectly designed to realize web applications according with the most moderrn and efficient developing methodology based on “Services”.

With Laravel you can define and make automatic all the operation process of your system. You’ll be able to delegate some functionality to external services and you0ll be able to focus  100% on your business and on your product.

Its documentation, widely recognized like the best one nowdays (like a book for babies), complete the picture.

Developing my applications with Laravel I see my projects go ahead almost without problems. With this organized work environment I can focus on new things, I have time to study and go deeper in many topics.

At the end I can say that since I use this framework I learned more about PHP programming than in all the years I had an unsettle way to develop, and I think this is the most important thing.

Have a good reading: Laravel Framework


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