C members of the different types of default values of the variables field

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Create an instance of the class before the constructor is executed, if you do not have the initial value given to the member variables, C # compiler default every member variable is initialized to the default value.

If the variables are local variables of the method, the compiler will set a value before the variable, the code must give it displayed. “Use of unassigned local variable” error will occur.

In other cases, the compiler will create a variable, the variable is initialized to the default value.
1 for integer, floating point, enumerated types (numeric), the default value of 0 or 0.0.
2, the default value of the character type \ x0000.
3, Boolean default value is false.
4, reference types, the default value is null.

If the sound when the variable, it specifies the initial value (int i = 10 ;), then this value is used to initialize the variable.

Although the C # compiler for each type are set to the default type, but as the object-oriented design principles, we still need to be properly initialized variables. In fact, the C # which is the recommended practice, there is no variable initialization causes the compiler to issue a warning message. We can not all member variables to the initial value given, of course, is assigned a value, it did not necessarily meet our requirements. In use, it is possible to change the initial value. Then we will have with the constructor to initialize the member variables.

/ / For member variables are not assigned in the constructor assign a default value

using System;
public class Dog
public string name;
public int age;
public static void Main ()
The Dog the myDog = new Dog ();
The Console.WriteLine (“the myDog name” {0} “, age for {1}.” MyDog.name myDog.age);
The above procedure, when create object myDog, is called the default constructor. All fields are assigned to a default value.
the name of myDog “age of 0.

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This feature can avoid compilation errors, but contrary to the variable assignment after use “principle, these” harmless “default values ??can easily lead to hard-to-identify errors, it is recommended that as much as possible to all members in the constructor variable.

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