Business Skills For An Encore Career

Business Skills For An Encore Career

I have been inspired to share things that happened that day or recently as well as people, things, events that are already part of the fabric of my life or are part of my business.   I have expressed my gratitude for all the good in my life I see as well as what I cannot see that I know blesses my life and my family’s life!  As I have shared I am an experienced business person and a baby boomer – yet in the scope of things I really am just beginning my path of being a successful internet entrepreneur – a late-in-life entrepreneur as I tag it.

An Encore Career – A Second Chance

What I have to be so grateful for is the life experience and business experience I have had so far in my life and how well it serves me in my new “encore career” being a successful online entrepreneur.  This Encore Career for me really has been a Second Chance At The Road Not Taken. I want to share a skill – activity that has served me well throughout my entire business career. As I now work each day from my virtual office; at home, at the coffee house on my laptop or on my IPhone literally anywhere – one behavior that has been even more important and critical to my developing business is what I refer to as five-by-fives.

My Five-By-Five Top Business List

I discussed back a couple months ago my strategic top five here: Top Business Priorities.

List One – Five Strategic Focus List

Which were YOUR what to focus on in your business:

  • Your Personal Development
  • Your Market
  • Your Marketing
  • Your People
  • Your Systems

This is the first five of my Five-By-Fives – the five strategic activity areas I believe you must maintain your focus on.  My next five is an operational/tactical focus each day:

List Two – Our 5 Critical To Do Items for Each Day

Throughout the day I use these tools and techniques to get the most from my day and yet I realize your work life has ebbs and flows – attention getters and distractors and other personal priorities.  Even your energy and focus will adjust from day to day.  yet in this state of flux I have found using a 5 item to do list every day propels me to get more done and also feel that I gave my best on a day that may have involved distractions: good or bad.  Each day or night before I end my day I prepare a list of 5 things to get done that day or the next day.  I am about 50-50 on whether I do it the first thing in the work day or the night before.  I rarely miss making the list.  In my previous offline corporate career  I found this list empowering.  I could shut down much more effectively and be present with family after hours when the list was made and done.  As a work from anywhere entrepreneur now – the list has become even more critical. Now that things like email, online meetings, instant messaging, and social media are major day changers – “The List Habit” has enabled me to get more done and maintain balance – with a business that serves my life – in a day that can easily expand to 15 hour days without blinking an eye.  The list is usually more task related, I look to avoid putting multi-step projects on the list and if I feel my energy low or other commitments or interests are out there – I make the list – lighter- so when it is done I shut down with a real sense of accomplishment.

Today On Day 26 of Our Journey – I am really appreciative of the already developed business skills and habits I brought with me to my encore career. Many of them have served my business and life immeasurably contributing extensively to our successful development as an online entrepreneur and business coach

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