Bringing Exposure To Your Fiverr Gigs

So you created plenty of gigs and are ready to start making a lot of money. But you get only a few sales every once in a while and you think you can do more. Check this for ways to sky-rocket your sales! I believe this alone is worth the entire price of the your time. These methods can be applied to any way to make money with Fiverr.

PM everybody that bought related gigs 

Now, some while ago it was possible to virtually PM everybody on Fiverr – and obviously that got quickly abused. Everyone that had a gig running was sending messages like crazy to everybody else, so Fiverr pulled that option. Now you can only PM sellers – and we don’t want to do that, do we?  Well, umm, no. Kinda.

What I am going to show you is a GOLDMINE.

Ok, so let’s say you are using method 4.2 with Unicode, so you are selling articles. Go to the “Writing and Translation” category and sort the gigs by rating. Right now this is the first rated gig: for-your-keyword-or-topic It offers one 500 word article. Well, you are offering 3 for the same price. Go see the positive reviews. There are 421 buyers that left a review, that means 421 potential buyers for your gig. But how do you contact them? First, copy as many usernames in a separate text file as possible, starting from the most recent.   For the sake of this I took the username princekott.

Now click on “Contact Seller” button on the gig page. It will take you to a private PM to the seller, mnoto19. The URL looks like this:

Now we actually, want to PM princekott, right? Here is the trick. Replace the name of the seller from the url with the name of your potential buyer. In this case, the url would look like this: gig secrets

Check it out. Nice, right? However, this will only work with buyers that have received a rating or are selling their own gigs on Fiverr. It is still a really nice method to contact a lot of people and get a few extra sales to bump your gigs. In order to see whether a buyer has any rating or any gigs running, click their name. If it says “Not rated yet” and no gigs appear lower, then this buyer is out of reach.

Make your gig look HOT 

Potential buyers will love to see that you have lots of positive feedback and lots of orders in queue. In this sub-chapter we will cover the “lots of orders in queue” part:

  1. create another account
  2. change your time delivery gig to 30 days
  3. buy your own gig 10 times
  4. change you gig time back down to 24 hrs

Now when people come to your gig they will see that you have 10 orders in the queue – Your gig will look hot.

After 29 days you just have mutual cancellation of your 10 orders – that does not reflect in a negative way on your account. Then you start over. Note though that while you will get your money back, you won’t be able to withdraw them again from Paypal – you will however be able to purchase other Fiverr gigs or do this method again for another 30 days

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