Aerospace Engineering Schools

Aerospace engineering includes the research, design and development of launch vehicles, satellite systems, missiles and other space systems and aircrafts. Aerospace engineering programs include fluid dynamic, materials science, software development and propulsion. Students also experience design, simulation and testing of aircraft systems. Aerospace engineering is an excellent career choice since there approximately 5000 job openings every year and only approximately 600 new graduates to fill these openings. There are several exceptional aerospace schools worldwide.

aerospace schools


The Fulton School of Engineering is a part of the University of Arizona. It is also one of the top rated U.S. schools. The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department offers a post graduate aerospace engineering program. The program focuses on the enhancement and development of research activities in the field. The Fulton School of Engineering offers state of the art learning facilities. Students who are in the masters program can earn an MS/MSE/Integrated BSE/MS degree. The university also offers an advanced degree that leads to a PhD.

The University of Glasgow in Scotland is one of the top rated aerospace engineering schools in the United Kingdom. Students at this university have the opportunity to participate in cutting edge technologies such as helicopter aeromechanics, aircraft structures, aerodynamics and air traffic management. The University of Glasgow also offers two year post graduate degrees and three year doctoral degrees in many fields. These fields include computational fluid dynamics, experimental low speed aerodynamics, rotorcraft simulation, flight dynamics and space systems, to name a few. The University also offers a masters degree in space mission analysis and design and aerospace systems to qualified candidates.

In Canada, the leading university for aerospace engineering is the University of Toronto. This university focuses on research based education. The aerospace engineering program at the University of Toronto covers subjects such as aeronautical engineering (propulsion, aerodynamics, aircraft flight systems, computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics) and space system engineering (space robotics, spacecraft dynamics and control and micro satellite technology). Upon completion of a four year bachelor’s degree, students qualify for the masters program. After the masters program, there is doctoral program offered.

The Nanyang Technological University in Singapore offers post graduate programs in aerospace engineering. These courses are offered at the master’s level and the doctorate level. Students must have a bachelor degree from a respected university to gain admittance. The Madras Institute of Technology in India also offers a post graduate program in aerospace engineering. It is a two year program. It offers study areas in aerodynamics, structures and propulsion. The Madras Institute of Technology offers students state of the art laboratories and facilities.

aerospace schools

Aerospace engineering is growing in both demand and popularity. The number of aerospace engineering schools that offer highly respected educations and cutting edge facilities are numerous. Request information packages from schools on your short list. Determine what you are looking for in an educational facility and compare the schools. If any of the schools are in close proximity to your current location, book a tour of the school. Speak with faculty and students and ask them any question you may have.

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