8 Writing Tools Every Writer Should Have

My Must-Have Writing Tools and Resources

There are some things I simply cannot live without as a freelance writer. I look back and wonder how I wrote anything without these writing tools and resources. Sometimes I wonder what would have become of me if I had not gained access to these necessities…ok, so they’re not *necessities* per say. They just help me work better. Some of these things I have always had. Some I discovered on my own in my writing career. Some were shared with me from other writers over the years (thank you)!

8 Writing Tools You Should Have: 

1. The Writer’s Market: This is the number 1 resource for any writer who wants to be published. It has thousands of paying markets with writer’s guidelines all categorized so well. It even has some pages in the front of the book for new writers and new users of The Writer’s Market. A new edition is created each year so it’s up to date. I already have my 2010 copy. You can also get the deluxe edition that comes with a 1 year subscription to Writer’s Markets online.

2. The Elements of Style: This book can help anyone write well. It’s easy and fun to read. I read it cover to cover at least once a year.

3. Wordtracker: This online resource is a free keyword suggestion tool. I use it to help me generate keywords that will get results. The lower the search number the better. For example, if you are writing an article about cat health you would search “cat health”. “Cat health advice” comes up with one search, which means using that keyphrase would get more traffic.

4. Copyscape: Copyscape helps me provide my clients with 100% guaranteed plagiarism free work. Before I send my clients anything I run it through Copyscape first just to make sure there are no duplications. If there are I correct them. Copyscape helps keep me confident about my work.

5. Stockxpert: I use this website for images for my articles and blogs. They cost me $1 per image and are completely worth it. The quality of the images are great.

6. Free PDF Converter: I like to use this to create PDF files of my class lessons and ebooks. It’s free and so easy to use.

7. PR Newswire for Journalists: Profnet is the best. I can find experts and people from all over the world to interview for articles, blogs, books, and more.

8. PayPal: I don’t know how any freelancer works online without a PayPal account. Instant payments, merchant buttons, free bank transfers…I could not work without one.

What couldn’t you write without?

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