5 Signs of Great Programmers

Great Programmers are also human like us but they have some special habits and rules in their life and the strictly follow them. Confidence and persistence make you great and the great programmers know it very well. Indeed programming is a thing which need your lots of concentration and energy but if you have confidence, sequence and passion to do it then definitely you will enjoy it a lot . According to my opinion if your code is running correctly it will give you much joy and happiness. Anyway here is some habits of great and smart programmers, try to follow them if you want to become a smart programmer and coder.

I Can Do it!

Smart Programmers never feel fear from any Software problem, project ,assignment or Codes. They always keep in mind that they are the best person to solve it. This confident boost up their mind and they pay full attention on their problem and that is they way they find all the possible solution of their problems.

Work in Pieces

Smart Programmers never try to solve all the solution at once . They Decompose their problem in pieces and solve them one by one which is the best practice of Object Oriented Paradigm Programming. Dividing problem into  pieces also help them to gain a  better understand of problem and its solutions.


Good programmers are very consistence person in their field. They never give up at crucial times and this is the major reason the learn more then others because crucial time is that teacher who teach you more then 100% knowledge then the average time. Smart programmers strictly  follow a complete schedule of their work .

Don’t Feel Fear From Failures

Smart programmers never feel fear from failures because they know that failures are the part of life. The Programmers who fall into failures during learning is so much mature programmer then the programmers who never fail in any project. They are confident to accomplish their task and that is the reason of their success.

Online Resources

Smart Programmers know how to use every software . They adopt them in their field and make there best use and take help from them. The Present their work is best ways with the help of software and save their times.

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